‘Urban Fisherman 2’ Choi Ja, will he break the 42cm record? Re-challenge in 2 years

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dynamic Duo, Choi Ja, sets out to break the Hong Kong grouper record after two years.

In the 37th episode of Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Urban Fisherman 2′(hereinafter referred to as ‘Urban Fisherman 2’), which will be broadcast on the 3rd (Thursday), a fishing showdown in Wando, Jeollanam-do, while Choi Ja of Dynamic Duo has been scrambled as a guest. It is depicted in action.

At the end of last week’s broadcast, Choi Ja appeared as a guest, raising expectations for Wando. In May 2018, Choi Ja made an outstanding performance by catching 42cm red barley on the Wando side of Jeollanam-do and holding a golden badge.

Choi Ja appeared in the New Zealand edition in February and grabbed a 3.08kg red snapper and once again grabbed the golden badge. As the target fish species of Wando this time are red sea bream and red sea bream, everyone is interested in whether Choi Ja will be able to break his record once again.

On this day, ‘Follow Me’ Lee Gyeong-gyu revealed infinite trust toward Choi Ja, who had previously played a big part in red and red sea bream fishing. Lee Gyeong-gyu, a self-proclaimed lure fishing expert, said that with the addition of special guest Choi Ja, he was equipped with a different level of confidence and showed higher expectations than ever before.

Lee Gyeong-gyu announced that Choi Ja will make a big success in this Wando episode, and set out to sail with confidence, and in response to this expectation, Choi Ja said that he captured everyone’s attention by recording the first number of fishing on this day.

On the other hand, on this day’s broadcast, Choi Ja is curious about the honest feelings about the new 7-member system of’Urban Fisherman 2′. Choi Ja surprised everyone by saying, “‘Urban Fisherman’ is quite different with what I’ve thought.”

What was Choi Ja’s candid confession to the new fixed member, and the first story of Wando Fishing, challenging a new record, will be revealed on Thursday the 3rd at 9:50pm in Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Urban Fisherman 2’.


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