‘What is study?’ Seol Su-jin’s son cries hard while preparing for contest…What happened?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘What is study?’, Seol-yeon, Seol Su-jin’s son, cried while preparing for the contest.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘What is study?’ (planning Park Hyun-seok, producer Sun Hye-yoon) broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 1st, Seol-yeon, who started to have interest in studying after the broadcast in March, will attend the English speaking contest. He is going to challenge everyone and surprise everyone with his unique desire to compete.

Seol-yeon strives to participate in an English storytelling contest with Si-eon and Joo-eon brothers living in the same neighborhood. The mother of the brothers Seol Su-jin, Si-eon, and Joo-eon put on the eyes of a falcon for the evaluation of the children, and enters the screening with more coolness than anyone else.

Seol-yeon, who has a strong desire to win the contest more than anyone else, wants to make mistakes while looking at other friends, and he feels anxious while looking at his mother. When it came to his turn, he was surprised by his correct pronunciation and convincing appearance, but he made a mistake, failing to overcome his nervous feeling. Seol-yeon is not satisfied with the toy, he received as an award, and eventually shows tears and makes viewers embarrassed.

Next, Seol-yeon, who started studying with her mother, sets a time and offers a toy reward when the mission is completed. However, Seol-yeon, confused by a difficult problem, eventually lowers the difficulty level. And Seol Su-jin accepts her son to be rewarded by toy, worrying that Seol-yeon would emotionally hurt. Experts who have watched this are curious about how to effectively apply ‘compensation’, as well as being cautious about solving the time limit.

On the other hand, Seol Su-jin and Seol-yeon set out to create a habit calendar that they learned through ‘What is study?’. Following the achievement of the 66-day calendar, the new 77-day calendar was challenged. After 8 o’clock, Seol-yeon, who made an embarrassing expression to Seol Su-jin, who suggested fasting and ‘solving the problem book on his own’, was attracted to the words of a bigger toy reward. Seol-yeon, who started studying on her own, arouses curiosity whether she can protect her well until the end.

Seol-yeon’s extraordinary desire to compete and experts’ solutions to this can be met at MBC ‘What is study?’ broadcasted at 9:30 pm today (1st).


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