‘Come, Hell’ Yuk Jung-wan, poor physical strength… “call 119” during exercise

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

During home training, Yuk Jung-wan talked about the limit of his physical strength while looking for an ambulance.

The sixth student of ‘Come, Hell’,  the home training to visit KBS web entertainment, was Yuk Jung-wan’s band. At the request of Yoyomi, who had previously experienced ‘Come, Hell’, Kim Dong-hyun and Yang Jeong-won visited the practice room of Yuk Jung-wan band.

For Yuk Jung-wan and Kang Jun-woo, who said that their shoulders are not good due to parenting and playing guitar, Yang Jeong-won prepared an exercise to loosen the shoulders. They said they felt refreshed and followed the exercise hard.

In the following exercise, Kim Dong-Hyun prepared an exercise to improve physical strength. Both of them had to fully digest the exercise, so even one person could not follow. Yuk Jung-wan, who had been following the exercise hard, ended up saying, “Please call me 119,” and complained of exhaustion. Were the two people Yuk Jung-wan and Kang Jun-woo able to finish the exercise safely?

Home training ‘Come, Hell’ featuring band Yuk Jung-wan will be released at 5 pm on the 3rd through the YouTube ‘KBS Entertain’ channel.


Photo courtesy| KBS web entertainment’Come, Hell’

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