KBS launches ‘World’s Public Broadcasting Value+’ “Adding the public value of the world”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

KBS is launching ‘World’s Public Broadcasting Value+’, which conveys various public values for Viewers’ Week. Through high-quality programs produced by public broadcasting companies around the world, including BBC, PBS, NHK, RTÉ, etc., various values essential to our society such as democracy, human rights, community, cultural diversity, environment, and safety are introduced, and public prosperity in the flood of media platforms. Let’s review the social values and roles that only broadcasting can realize.

Starting with the ‘real history of fake news’ produced by the British public broadcaster BBC, the Irish public broadcaster RTÉ’s ‘Mom and Dad are Hearing Impaired’, the German public broadcaster ZDF ‘Anthropology Tax, The Birth of a New Humanity’, French public broadcaster France TV’ It will introduce high-quality programs of global public broadcasters with high social value and public interest, such as ‘Global Super Power, Tree’.

◆ September 6th at 10:35 pm, ‘The Real History of Fake News’ (Fake News: A True History)

In August 1835, New Yorkers were enthusiastic about the news of ‘Great Astronomical Discoveries’, of which flowers and bison herds roamed on the moon as observed through a large telescope. This is the first fake news in history. At that time, the article was a frivolous description of the newspaper to increase the number of newspapers, but as time passed, fake news had been tricky into monetary greed, political turmoil, and wars between countries in collusion with minority politicians, chaebols and the media. In recent years, fake news has been transformed into a ‘deep fake’, a synthetic and manipulated video using artificial intelligence, and it is becoming more and more difficult to screen out fake news. In ‘The Real History of Fake News’, the public broadcaster BBC points out the harm and social confusion that fake news can bring historically, and emphasizes that viewers should develop the ability to grasp the authenticity of fake news.

◆ September 13th at 11:25 pm ‘Mother Father Deaf’

Non-disabled children born to parents with hearing impairments, ‘CODA’. The growth period of these children is a little different from those of ordinary families. This is because you learn sign language before speaking. Laura, Shane, and Catherine calmly recall their childhood, which are sometimes heartbreaking and touching. Children learned the world faster than their peers by playing the role of ‘interpreter’, which is difficult for children to handle, such as helping parents to communicate with hospital appointments and banking, and it is a daily routine to experience confusion from time to time in the eyes of others and discrimination from society. It was common. However, their growing process of acknowledging differences, realizing the importance of their families, and finding Coda’s identity serves as an opportunity to provide a new perspective on social minorities.

◆ September 20th 3rd part 11:25pm / September 26th 4th part 11:25pm, ‘Anthropocene-The Rise of Humans’ (Anthropocene-The Rise of Humans)

The world’s population, which amounted to about 700 million people in the 18th century, exceeded 7 billion people in just three centuries. Mankind, which thrives rapidly, is a major cause of rapid physical and biological changes to the Earth. Scientists around the world call the present era when mankind has reached the geological supremacy as the Anthropocene.

The nature of the crisis of the Anthropocene lies in humanity, not nature. Mankind can enjoy the stability of food, which is an essential element of survival, by starting an agricultural life, but highly industrialized agriculture caused soil pollution. Since mankind has learned how to use fire, the atmosphere has been constantly polluted, and methane gas from livestock has progressed out of control over global warming, threatening life. How will mankind overcome the crisis brought about by mankind? A new challenge begins to find the answer.

◆ September 27th at 11:25 pm ‘Trees: A Global Superpower’

Trees are the oldest organisms on Earth, and have evolved over hundreds of millions of years and have become essential elements of the ecosystem. Despite being the oldest friend of mankind, the amazing secret of the tree is now being revealed little by little. Unlike the appearance of trees that live without moving for hundreds of years in one place, the roots of trees under the ground coexist with the ecosystem as a unique system. The ability of trees to share nutrients with other trees, provide information, and form a forest through active communication using a vast network of numerous fungi is truly amazing. The tremendous power of trees that contributes to the Earth’s energy balance through constant interaction, provides resources, and maintains the stability of the ecosystem with excellent resilience may be the last salvation of mankind to overcome environmental pollution and global warming. Let’s explore the amazing mystery of the trees that have been wrapped in veils.

◆ October 4th at 11:25 pm, ‘You See Monsters’

There are prejudices and discrimination against any society or minority group. In Western society, the view of Muslims has changed since the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001. Even in Australia, which is regarded as a country that has established multiculturalism in the world, most of the evaluations of Muslims are extremely uncomfortable or negative, and even demonized. There are those who challenge this prejudice and hatred head-on. Young Muslim artists in Australia use their in-depth works of art, including political criticism, satire, performing arts, and paintings, to combat prejudices such as anti-Islam, immigrants and racism towards multiculturalism. Their stories, which reveal their religion and Australian identity through their work, revisit the meaning of a true community that respects, understands and embraces diversity.


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