Lee Hyo-ri stopped using social media, Finkle Ok Joo-hyun and Seong Yu-ri

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

When singer Lee Hyo-ri announced the suspension of social media activities, the Fin.K.L members held back.

Lee Hyo-ri said on Instagram on the 2nd, “I’m going to quit Instagram now with a deadline for about 3 days in the future.”

Lee Hyo-ri said, “It’s not because of what happened recently. (Of course, it’s little bit affected). It’s a space where I wanted to communicate with fans who were always thirsty for news. I will think of a different way of communication.”

Earlier, Lee Hyo-ri was criticized for performing SNS live with Yoona at karaoke during the social distancing period due to Covid-19. In the recent MBC entertainment program ‘How do you play?’, while discussing the group’s refund expedition, when she mentioned ‘Mao’ as her new name, some Chinese netizens said “Isn’t Mao Zedong deprecated?” It is speculated that these controversies influenced the suspension of social media activities.

Lee Hyo-ri added, “Thank you for always coming to see me, cheering me, and being pretty. Of course, thank you for those who spoke bitterly. I hope to keep my place firmly in various difficult situations.”

Fin.K.L members held back on Lee Hyo-ri’s social media interruption. Ok Joo-hyun said, “Don’t stop.” Seong Yu-ri left a tear-shaped emoticon. Lee Hyo-ri jokingly sootheed the members by commenting “I hate it” and “I watch over”, respectively.

On the other hand, Lee  Hyo-ri has been active as a member of the mixed group Ssak3 in ‘How do you play?’, followed by Cheonok, a girl group refund expedition. Kakao M mobile reality ‘Face ID’ reveals Lee Sang-soon and her daily life.


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