‘Life Story’ Ryu Ji-gwang “I struggled from debt guarantee of mom”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ryu Ji-gwang recalls his childhood life.

EBS1’s healing talk show ‘Life Story’, broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 3rd, reveals the turbulent stories of people who are currently going through hard times because of money or who have endured hard times.

On this day’s broadcast, the story of a widow, whose husband left her with only 7 billion won in debt, left behind with two children, and a daughter who became bad credit in her twenties due to the debt left by her father. In addition, the past of baker Park Ki-tae, who ran into a bread ingredient distributor and went bankrupt after running a bakery that was good enough to have eight employees, is revealed. He created a debt of 700 million won and thought suicide. But, now, he’s the CEO who earns 10 billion won every year. In addition, various concerns related to money, such as retirement funds after retirement, are introduced.

On the other hand, singer Ryu Ji-gwang, who appeared as a guest, revealed his school days when he was in need due to her mother’s debt guarantee.

The debt at that time was equivalent to 2 billion won in terms of present value. At the time, he couldn’t buy school supplies due to poverty. During his school trip, he received a letter from his father on the desk with 50,000 won and a message, saying ‘I’m so sorry for not doing it.’ Ryu Ji-gwang cried while telling his past.

Also, for her teenage son who was always hungry, Ryu Ji-gwang’s mother bought only one electric-grilled chicken, and she left it for him, and she skipped meals. Ryu Ji-gwang, who guessed his mom’s heart, recalled that time, saying that he cried as he ate the chicken. Ryu Ji-gwang shared his ambition to become happy with his family after gaining popularity as ‘Mr. Trot’ and now active as a singer, and the studio was warmed with support for him.

Led by star instructor Kim Mi-kyung and announcer Lee Jae-yong, EBS1’s ‘Life Story’ is a theme, and people with the same troubles and pains gather together to share their tumultuous thoughts and stories. It also conveys a message of warm comfort and hope to viewers.

The turbulent stories of people who want to live without worrying about money can be confirmed through EBS ‘Life Story’ broadcasted at 9:50 pm on the 3rd.


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