‘Morning Yard’ Covid-19 cure “After the Covid-19, I suffer hair loss…3 times of plasma donation”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Morning Yard’, Lee Jung-hwan, a cure for Covid-19, revealed that hair loss came as a sequelae.

KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 2nd, talked with ‘Covid-19 Heroes’ as a weekly special feature of viewers.

Lee Jung-hwan, a cure for Covid-19, said, “I went to Turkey as an exchange student. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, I came back to Korea. But, later, I tested positive. After receiving a positive test, I was hospitalized. I first had no symptoms of Covid-19, but later, I tested positive. Epidemiological investigation was not possible, as I was infected outside of Korea. I’m guessing it was infected inside an airplane or at Istanbul Airport, Turkey.”

He said, “At first, I was asymptomatic, but the next day my fever rose to 39 degrees. It was accompanied by absurd muscle pain. My muscle pain was so severe that I couldn’t sleep for an hour a day. It has been for a week. It was very difficult”.

“I took medicine at the time of treatment, but there was no treatment, so I took an alternative treatment,” said Lee Jung-hwan. The side effects are so severe that when I eat rice, I vomited, and when I drink water, I can’t absorb it, so it came out in the stool and it was very difficult.”

He said that he was cured after 57 days, “I am receiving treatment because my hair loss is a sequelae. I missed a lot. When it was in the midst of the heavy lifting, my hair fell out a lot when I was washing my hair, so the hole in the chateau was clogged.”

He continued, “Health workers said that the donation of plasma to the healed was urgent to make plasma treatment. So, because I wanted to donate plasma, I did it three times, and I plan to do it one more time.” “I am also deeply reflecting on myself in the past. I was healthy and in my twenties, so I thought it would not take. Covid-19 symptoms are diverse. Some are asymptomatic, but there are many people who suffer like me. I hope that I will not catch the corona by keeping the life quarantine.”


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