[Review] ‘On July 7’ Overwhelming Reality, Falling Romance

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Dreams and love are falling apart in front of a difficult reality. It is the story of the movie ‘On July 7’, which depicts the real youth romance.

The movie ‘On July 7’ (Director Son Seung-hyun) remembers the first meeting in the snow when Hyun-soo (played by Kim Hee-chan), who dream of becoming a film director, and his lover Mi-joo (played by Jeong Yi-seo) bump into a wall of reality and get tired of each other. It contains the story that takes place while playing. It is a work by the director Son Seung-hyun, who has built up a lot of work while in charge of supporting directors such as ‘Pluto’ and ‘Park Hwa-young’.

In the past, Hyun-soo proposed Mi-joo, whom he met by chance, to play the role of main character for his film, and the two develop into lovers by shooting a short film. The happy time passes, and their relationship become worse. Mi-joo is exhausted as they spend hard time with insufficient living expenses and the end of the team leader. Suddenly, Hyun-soo, who only dreams, begins to feel frustrated.

‘On July 7’ tells the story of a fresh couple romance, which began with summer, fading in front of the wall of time and reality in the intersection of time. The overwhelming reality, which is difficult to even dream of, is only daunting, and the story of a youth couple whose love and dreams collapse in that reality gives empathy.

Above all, the acting of actors Jeong Yi-seo and Kim Hee-chan, who depicted Hyun-soo and Mi-joo in a realistic way, shines. Jeong Yi-seo, who took the role of a pizza shop market in ‘Parasite,’ and Kim Hee-chan, who played an active part in various works, increase the sense of immersion by showing off their real lover chemistry. From a happy time with a fresh romance, he naturally portrays a lover who becomes exhausted and in jeopardy from a needy reality. Depending on the audience, the ending may feel somewhat abrupt. Over 12 years old can watch On July 7. Running time is 89 minutes.


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