Significant steps made by the comfort of Bae Doo-na and Jo Seung-woo in ‘Stranger 2’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN ‘Stranger 2’ Bae Doo-na took a meaningful step and planted the expectation that he will show a wonderful oriental medicine in the future. It was the result of the consolation of Bae Doo-na, that only Jo Seung-Woo can do.

Last season, Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doo-na) was an avid detective armed with a strong mental and kicking action. Two years later, Han Yeo-jin, who returned to the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Stranger 2’ (screenplay Lee Soo-yeon, director Park Hyun-seok), was a little different, not just because of the change in the working environment of the administrative police at the headquarters. In the meantime, the reality she witnessed was a world where the fog could not be blocked no matter how much she looked at, and the bad criminals did not decrease no matter how much he caught it. “While catching one here, it seems to multiply into two there”. As Woo Tae-ha (played by Choi Moo-sung) expressed him, unlike Hwang Si-mok (played by Jo Seung-woo), he said, “I didn’t ask for work today. In Han Yeo-jin’s pledge that I will not ask tomorrow, too, there was self-help toward such a world.

However, Hwang Si-mok did not tell Han Yeo-jin why she was changed. All of a sudden, he just asked, “Do you still draw pictures?” As is well known, Han Yeo-jin is a manga fan. Last season, she presented her own painting world, including montages, evidence from the incident, and the brain structure of Hwang Si-mok. Even in the early stages of ‘Stranger 2’, when I was concentrating on my thoughts, it was a moment when I unconsciously painted a picture on my notebook. Like Han Yeo-jin, who knows Hwang’s special thoughts and communication methods that no one understands, Hwang Shi-mok knew Han Yeo-jin’s sincerity better than anyone else. So, referring to the last accident in Tongyeong, Han Yeo-jin, who ‘loves to paint’, awakened that he is a person who has an obligation to watch the coastline. It was Hwang Si-mok’s limited consolation method for Han Yeo-jin, who was not interested in the feelings and regards of others.

The next day, Han Yeo-jin broke her determination to be silent, and put a hand on Choi Bit (Jeon Hye-jin)’s ‘silence’. Rep. Nam Jae-ik (played by Kim Gwi-seon), chairman of the Legal Justice Committee, emphasized the fact that it is the duty of the police not to cover up the drug case of the son of Congressman, and not to bring to the world a human who does not get injured even if he takes another’s job and touches meth. “Is it so meaningful to dip your hands together in the lawlessness?” and retorted against Choi Bit, regardless of purpose and means for the cause. Nevertheless, Choi Bit forced Han Yeo-jin to silence for a cause. Six months after Congressman Nam resigned from the judiciary, along with persuasion to see the timely arrest timing, there was also a subtle pressure not to ruin the 70-year-old project.

Viewers expect that Han Yeo-jin, who represents the police who created favorable public opinion for the independence of the investigation right for the first time in 70 years, will show a wonderful oriental medicine ‘like Han Yeo-jin’. When questioning the Tongyeong accident that occurred in the first episode, he did not pass by, raised the possibility of an ‘incident’, and jumped into an investigation directly to uncover various facts. “Did you leave the investigation department?” to Hwang Si-mok, “I didn’t leave. My position is still there.” Moreover, Yongsan police office, which is like Han Yeo-jin’s own family, first discovered the disappearance of Seo Dong-jae (Lee Jun-hyuk). Viewers are depicting Han Yeo-jin, who is already acting without being silent, running around the scene with Hwang Si-mok and the detectives of the powerful 3rd team in Yongsan police office.

‘Stranger 2’ is broadcast on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

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