‘South Korean Foreigner’ Kim Il-joong “Oh Jung-yeon and Oh Sang-jin, I dropped them in the interview”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Il-joong revealed the story behind the announcer when he joined the company.

MBC Every1’s ‘South Korean Foreigners’, broadcast on the 2nd, is decorated with a special feature of the 9th-level dropouts who were disappointed at the threshold of the 10th stage, and unveils an all-time quiz confrontation.

Kim Il-joong, who joined SBS in 2005 as a public announcement announcer, has been active in a number of programs such as EBS ‘Scholarship Quiz’ since the declaration as a freelancer in 2015.

Kim Il-joong gathered attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes when he joined the former announcer. Oh Jung-yeon, who came together as a guest, said, “I was qualified for the final job interview of the SBS with Kim Il-joong and other 4 applicants. Three men and three women remained in the final state”.

Accordingly, Kim Il-joong said, “I dropped Oh Jeong-yeon and Oh Sang-jin. There were a lot of talented applicants, but I passed the final job interview.” But soon, he said, “At that time, there was a very ugly rumor about the company, and there is a story that the SBS president stabbed his eye (?),” he said, and made the studio a sea of laughter.

Kim Il-joong’s second victory challenge can be confirmed through MBC Every1 ‘South Korean Foreigners’ at 8:30 pm on the 2nd.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every1’Korean Foreigners’

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