‘Youth Record’ writer Ha Myung-hee “Park Bo-gum, an actor who moves his heart with emotional acting”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Youth Record’ Director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee directly answered questions and raised expectations for the first broadcast.

tvN’s new monthly TV drama ‘Youth Record’ (played by Ha Myung-hee, directed by Ahn Gil-ho), first broadcast on the 7th, depicts the growth record of youth who are striving to achieve their dreams and love without despair against the wall of reality. The youths, who have no luxury of dreaming, and the passionate records of those who go straight toward their dreams in their own way, give excitement and sympathy.

Above all, the harmony between director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee, who guarantees completeness, makes the drama fans excited. Director Ahn Gil-ho, loved by viewers through ‘Stranger’, ‘Memories of the Alhambra’, and ‘WATCHER’, will depict stories and emotions of characters in detail with ‘Youth Record’. The next work of artist Ha Myung-hee, which melts realistic gazes into warm and emotional stories such as ‘Doctors’ and ‘Temperature of Love’, also sparks anticipation. As the lines that permeate the hearts of viewers of each work gave wide sympathy, it adds to the curiosity of how the story of young people writing down the shining day would have been unraveled.

Writer Ha Myung-hee said, “I believe that passion for life and open thinking are important characteristics of youth, not numbers. I started with the thought that I want to summarize these characteristics of youth.” She then pointed out the distinction, saying, “It is not a story of overcoming and winning, not to talk about the hardships of the reality that youth are facing.” “I added the subtitle, ‘Remember and be with me,’ with the intention of wanting people who pass through their twenties to say, ‘You are right,’ and for those who have passed their twenties to remember and be with them in their twenties.”

Director Ahn Gil-ho also said, “It is a story of young people in their twenties who are seriously thinking about their dreams. It deals with a variety of topics that encompass the dreams and love they think of, the family members who stand by them, and furthermore, generations and gaps. I hope it will be a time to think of ‘my youth’ through the process of conflict and reconciliation that ordinary young people living in the present age grow up.” Director Ahn Gil-ho is said to have focused on delivering the actors’ acting as they are, with detailed interpretation of the script’s intention and the character’s emotional lines. “I tried to show the unique charm of the neighborhood called ‘Hannam-dong,’ which is the background of the drama, but realistically. In particular, I took a lot of thought and filmed so that the story behind the entertainment industry could look realistic.”

Director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee also have strong trust in each other. Director Ahn Gil-ho said, “The script was very warm. It wasn’t irritating, but it was immersive, so I read it with fun at once. The character’s settings were detailed, and each line was thoughtful and authentic.” Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, “I think drama is a story of humans in the end, but director Ahn Gil-ho focuses on the characters and makes them stand out. I am very excited.”

The synergy between actors Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam, who will reveal their youthful appearance realistically, is by far the best expected point. Director Ahn Gil-ho expressed his extraordinary affection, saying, “It is more fortunate than expected to meet two actors with positive energy, and it cannot be better than this.” Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, “Park Bo-gum is an owner of outstanding sensibility and an actor who moves his heart with emotional acting. He immersed himself in the character enough to make me think ‘Park Bo-gum and Sa Hye-joon are same person’ and created a lively character. Park So-dam came to mind first when building ‘Ahn Jung-ha’. Seeing the rational, rational, and attempting to resolve the conflict with patience and dialogue, it was a perfect syncro rate that I thought Park So-dam might not be.”

About Byeon Woo-suk, who has emerged as a major actor while building filmography step by step, director Ahn Gil-ho said, “I think he can show a good image with excellent attitude and analysis of the script.” Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, “When I first met him, I thought Won Hae-hyo walked in. Not only physical, but also a gentle and confident personality resembles the character. Through this work, you will be able to feel your growth to the fullest.” Although they have different backgrounds, it is also raising expectations of viewers that they can meet actresses Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra in one work, who will draw different stories as parents of youth with the same dream. Director Ahn Gil-ho said, “The combination of the chemistry that was better than expected and the comfortable and stable acting is a great attraction for both of you.” Artist Ha Myung-hee also said, “I am looking forward to ‘Han Ae-suk’ and ‘Kim Yi-young’ drawn by Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra who have studied their characters deeply.”

In addition, as there are acting actors who do not need an explanation, the point of ‘interest’ selected by director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee is definitely ‘the actors’ acting’. Director Ahn Gil-ho said, “It will be fun to have stories that can be resonated by various age groups and acting by great actors. The actors who expressed the characters in their own colors will be able to show more rich and three-dimensional charm.” Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, “A lot of diverse and attractive characters appear. I had the belief that actors with excellent character digestibility would express it perfectly, so I felt comfortable when giving lines to actors. It will be fun to see the acting.” She raised expectations.

Lastly, director Ahn Gil-ho said, “We are talking about universal values that many people can relate to. As I have done my best to create a work that can be enjoyed comfortably, I hope that the drama will provide a little comfort and enjoyment.” “We are ready to be loved. Now, viewers just need to love us,” said writer Ha Myung-hee, saying, “The actors and production crews of the best acting level gathered and did their best.”

On the other hand, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ will be broadcast for the first time on tvN at 9 pm on Monday the 7th.


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