2020 INTERNATIONAL INTANGIBLE FILM FESTIVAL, held online without audience

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The ‘2020 INTERNATIONAL INTANGIBLE FILM FESTIVAL (IIFF)’, which showcases world intangible cultural films, will be held online without spectators. It is from the 11th to the 13th.

On September 3rd, the Cultural Heritage Administration’s National Intangible Heritage Center announced that the IIFF, which celebrated its 7th anniversary this year, will be held on Naver TV under the theme of ‘breath, rest’. Since 2014, the annual video festival started with the purpose of creating a festival where people can feel the intangible heritage friendly through video media.

This year, 26 films from 16 countries will be presented in six categories including ‘Heritage Stream’,’ IIFF Focus’, ‘Masters Arirang’ and ‘IIFF Shorts’. The opening film was selected as the pansori musical film ‘The Singer’, which was released last July. And for the closing event, film ‘Silence: The Sound of Lisbon’, which was first introduced in Korea, was selected.

In the Heritage Stream category with professional commentary on intangible heritage films, the jazz documentary ‘Herbie Hancock: Possibilities’ and ‘Recorded Heritage and Music Recording at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland’ are screened. IIFF Focus presents ‘The Land of Doctors, The Secret of Kallawaya’, which deals with the Kallawaya tribe in the highlands of the Bolivian Andes, and the ‘Andean Song’, which depicts the culture of the Venezuela Andes Mountains.

Three films directed by Choi Ha-won, such as ‘Standing on the slopes of trees’, ‘An old man who poisons’, and ‘A picture of shaman’ can be seen in the Masters Arirang category. In addition, in the IIFF Shorts, the contents produced by the heritage garden ‘Ssireum, beyond Division and Connecting the World’, ‘Tari Bali’ containing traditional Indonesian art, and Korean short animation ‘A lucky day’, ‘Shower’, ‘Rosa multiflora’ and ‘Goodbye’ are introduced.

In addition to this,’IIFF VR’ shows ‘Blind Swordsman Shim Hak-gyu’, ‘Red Wind’, which combines virtual reality (VR) technology. And, in special screening, ‘Gisaeng: The Confession of a Flower’ and ‘Anerca, Breath of Life’ will be screened.


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