Hwang Jung-eum·Lee Young-don, broke after 4 years marriage

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Hwang Jung-eum (35) divorced Lee Young-don, a professional golfer, and was married after 4 years.

On the 3rd, Hwang Jung-eum’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said, “Hwang Jung-eum submitted a divorce mediation application to Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court on the 2nd. We will make it possible to smoothly discuss divorce.” Details such as the reason for divorce were not disclosed in consideration of the personal life of the individual.

Hwang Jung-eum surprised the entertainment industry by announcing the wedding news a month after acknowledging that she was dating Lee Young-don in 2016. The two, who met with the introduction of acquaintances and developed into lovers, decided to spend their lives together even during a short relationship and received many blessings, and in August of the following year, they gave birth to a son. But unfortunately, it was broken after 4 years.

Hwang Jung-eum was a member of the girl group ‘Suga’ and entered the entertainment industry. Later, she turned to an actor, and she was recognized for her acting skills by appearing in dramas ‘Princess Lulu’, ‘East of Eden’, ‘Giant’, ‘Can You Hear My Heart’, and ‘Secret’.

In particular, Hwang Jung-eum, who hit the hottest dramas ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ and ‘She Was Pretty’, successively in 2015, becoming ‘the queen of romantic comedy’ by receiving the best award at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards and the Actor of the Year Award selected by the 3 TV drama producers. .

Hwang Jung-eum’s husband, Lee Young-don, joined the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) in December 2006 and participated in 5 Sky72 Tour competitions in 2007 and 2 Challenge Tour competitions in 2012. Lee Young-don, who is 178cm tall, boasts a strong physique of 80kg, and a warm appearance, has since expanded into a businessman.


Hwang Jung-eum submitted an application for divorce mediation. I will be able to smoothly negotiate divorce. We ask for your understanding that details such as the reason for divorce cannot be disclosed as personal personal life.

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