‘In the SOOP BTS’ Jimin had a pleasant and comfortable ‘healing time’ with members on a rainy day

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS Jimin spent a pleasant and comfortable healing time with the members who have been with them for a long time at ‘In the SOOP BTS’.

On the 2nd at JTBC, ‘In the SOOP BTS Memories of a Rainy Day’ was aired.

On this day, Jimin opened the morning with his good-looking face without make-up. Fans were thrilled by Jimin’s loveliness as he took a spoon with a smile without even opening his eyes.

Jimin sat down to eat kimchi fried rice in a cauldron prepared by his members, asking tenderly, ‘Did you sleep well?’, hitting a tennis ball on the wall, dreaming of becoming a tennis emperor cheerfully, wearing a black hooded zip-up, and focusing on innocent figure. He spent a time of healing by doing what he wanted to do, such as assembling a race block builder.

On a rainy day, in the process of making In the SOOP OST naturally, while concentrating on each member’s work, Jimin added a harmony between them with a sweet voice and made improvised songs with the members. In the sense of trust between the members who have been together for a long time and the natural atmosphere like a family, Jimin said, “It was so fun, I could do that simply by saying that it was fun”.

Fans who saw Jimin’s healing appearance while experiencing various experiences that they couldn’t usually do are “Jimin~ Do all he wants to do”, “Wow. Jimin is really lovely”, “I’m impressed by Jimin’s tone again”, “Everything of Jimin is precious” Fans cheered for Jimin by showing a back reaction.

On the other hand, Jimin said, “I cried and fell asleep on the couch, after hearing that ‘Dynamite’ ranked on the top of Hot 100”. “I desperately want to perform a stage in front of fans. I miss Army so much,” he added, impressing his fans.


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