Jamie Today (3rd) ‘Numbers’ comeback… Changmo Synergy ‘Attention’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Skilled musician Jamie’s new song ‘Numbers’ will be unveil.

Jamie releases the digital single ‘Numbers’ through various sound source sites at 6 pm on the 3rd, and announces the appearance of a talented musician.

The new song ‘Numbers’ is an impressive song with an addictive melody that captivates the ears over the rhythm of the hip-hop bass and the refreshing piano sound.

In particular, Jamie directly participated in the lyrics and composition, and cheerfully pinpointed the reality of valuing people with numbers in her own way.

Here, the rapper Changmo started shooting for support and completed the music of rich colors. Jamie’s own grooved vocals and Changmo’s catchy rap harmonize, making them look forward to a special synergy.

In the music video released with the sound source, Jamie’s kitsch charm was pleasantly melted.

In an exciting party, Jamie dances in a trance and is expected to make the listeners really excited.

As such, through ‘Numbers’, Jamie proved endless potential for growth with a chameleon-like charm that is not bound by a specific concept.

Moreover, ‘Numbers’ is a new song that Jamie unveils for the first time after moving to Warner Music Korea, and as he actively participated in music video, hair & makeup, and styling of clothes, as well as song work, attention is paid to his future steps.

Jamie’s new song ‘Numbers’ will be unveiled for the first time at 6 pm on the 3rd on various music sites.


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