“Korean Actress,” Song Ji-hyo “Super Working Mom ‘Noh Ae-jung’, a character that could be in our lives” [Q&A]

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Actress Song Ji-hyo had a tightly closed happy ending in the drama.

Song Ji-hyo is a character of ‘Noh Ae-jung’ with a strong charm that wins both the dream and love of a movie PD in the JTBC Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Was it Love?’ (screenplay Lee Seung-jin, director Kim Do-hyung, production JTBC Studio Gil Pictures). She ended the drama and said goodbye to Noh Ae-jung.

Song Ji-hyo played the role of ‘Noh Ae-jung’ in the drama, and played an active part in a different acting transformation called’Super Working Mom’, as well as taking the center of various romances as the lead role of a romantic comedy.

Q. How do you feel the end of the drama ‘Was it Love?’

‘Was it Love?’ ended safely. At the time of the last filming, I was relieved by the feeling that it was ‘finally over’, but on the other hand, I was regretful that ‘Is it the real end?’, encountering the director, actors, seniors and juniors who had a hard time with seeing on the scene every day.

Q. From March to August, you have been living as a character of ‘Noh Ae-jung’, a super-working mom for five months. I wonder what kind of character Song Ji-hyo thought ‘Noh Ae-jung’ was, and what part did you focus on.

I think Noh Ae-jung is bright and lovable, but also a very passionate and dedicated character who could give everything for my dreams and family. She is a person who pioneers a crisis by directly bumping into her body even in a difficult reality, but on the other hand, she tried not to look too repressive. Overall, I wanted to show Ae-jung as a character that would be in our lives in a realistic way.

Q. I wonder what your impressions were when you performed a 4-1 ‘multiple romance’ different from the existing Romantic comedy in this work. Since it is a set of actors of similar age group, I think the atmosphere on the scene was good.

I think I had a fresh experience with ‘Was it Love?’. In the meantime, if Loveline was unrequited love or played a triangular line in a normal work, here it was entangled with four attractive men. So every time I filmed, the atmosphere and chemistry were all different. I wanted to show them differently because I was in a difficult relationship with Dae-oh, and I was in a relationship with Ryujin, a senior and junior, and Yeon-woo was a cute younger sibling, but she was the homeroom teacher of her daughter, Hani, and Pado was a supportive man and friend of a strong affectionist.

Ah, even a rival relationship with Arin over Dae-oh. And the natural family chemistry with Hani. I think I played all the relationships that can be woven with various characters around Ae-jung. And the atmosphere on the scene was with actors of a similar age group, so I filmed it pleasantly and happily on the set. During the break, each person talked about their lives and shared all the fun things together, and teamwork seemed to be more sticky. In particular, in the past recollection, the schedule was tight in the college MT scene shooting or the island shooting for the movie shoot in the play, but it was because of the hardships in the local filming as a group.

Q. If you have the most memorable scene or line in the drama, please choose one.

In episode 13, Ae-jung said to Dae-oh, “I will never rely on you. My dream is Wonder Woman, not Cinderella”. That is impressive in my memory now. The comment that I wanted to become Wonder Woman was surprising to me. I think it was the line that came to think that Ae-jung is a character with a strong inner spirit and strong will. I think Ae-jung wasn’t a line that implies a unique girl-crush charm.

Q. In the recently released movie ‘Intruder’, you were praised by a cool and inverted character, and since his debut film, ‘Girl’s High School Horror Story 3: The Fox Stairs’, he has appeared in various movies. In this drama, I am curious about what impressions you had as an actor in the work while acting Noh Ae-jung’s passion to defend her dream of making a movie.

I also played the role of a movie PD twice, including in tvN ‘Old Girlfriend Club’, the previous drama. I’m an actor, but now that I’m acting as a character who makes a drama or a movie through my work, I understand the situation on both sides very well now. Since it’s the field I know best, I’ve gotten better empathy. In this work, as I played the situation where Ae-jung jumps on her feet for the production of ‘Western Than Flowers’ and ‘No Love’, I also experienced the hearts of the people who made the work, and all the troubles from small parts to the production of one work I think it was an opportunity to think again.

Q. 6) This time, you met with global viewers through Netflix. Are there any real reactions you have experienced?

It was a new experience for me to be released on Netflix. In addition to this broadcast, I was also curious to see the reactions sent by various viewers from various countries and abroad in real time. Thank you for doing this together!

Q. In ‘Was it Love?’, not only the bright and positive Noh Ae-jung character, but also the character ‘Dam Jai’, a 24K boss woman from Hong Kong who looked like her and had a strange charm. It would not have been easy to go to and from one person and two stations. What is the memorable episode while acting as a character Dam Jai, not Noh Ae-jung?

If Ae-jung is a character who can cook and cook, then Dam Jai has a calm, heavy presence and feels like a female ledger. I think I talked a lot with the staff in charge in order not to look like Ae-jung while dressing up. However, since Dam Jai a woman in the Hong Kong’s gangster, I haD to speak foreign languages smoothly, but I had to dubbing because there was not enough time to practice foreign language. If I have another chance, then I want to do it right without dubbing!

Q. Finally, please tell the viewers a word.

Thank you to everyone who has watched ‘Was it Love?’ It’s been a long time since it’s been a long time, but thanks to the viewers who care for and cheer for the struggling Ae-jung, I think I was able to shoot with good energy. I will also greet you with a good work if there is a chance.


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