‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ Jung Bo-seok “The most interesting script I’ve seen for 34 years of acting experience”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

“It’s the most interesting script I’ve ever seen for 34 years”. Said Jung Bo-seok, who expressed his expectation for ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’, shared his impressions of taking on the character of ‘a man like Scrooge’.

In KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘Oh! ‘Samkwang Villa!’ (writer Yoon Gyeong-ah, director Hong Seok-gu, production production H, Monster Union), Jung Bo-seok will play the role of ‘Woo Jung-hoo’, the charismatic chairman who manages large company. Born as the eldest son from a family suffering dire poverty, he worked hard to make companies a myth, and in the business world he is called Midas’s hand, passionate bulldozer, and mergers and acquisitions mesh. However, for the employees, he is known as ‘born-to-be Kkondae’, a professional nagger, and even more strict with his family. He forced his wife Jung Min-jae (Jin Kyung) and his son Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo) to save money, and nagged him. He is imbued with patriarch, making other people stressful. Jung Bo-seok continued explaining the charm of the character that made the decision to make his first appearance in the KBS weekend home theater, saying, “It will be fun to draw this troublesome character convincingly.”

Jung Bo-seok sees the inner of Woo Jung-hoo, beyond the character’s negative personalities. “Woo Jung-hoo has great pride in the wealth and fame he has achieved through his blood and sweat. He is a person who is very strict to himself and his family and is stingy to express his heart, but has a strong sense of responsibility for others and the cause.” Jung Bo-seok’s delicate interpretation, who knows the charm of the character’s essence better than anyone else, was expected to infuse a three-dimensional effect on the character of Woo Jung-hoo.

It was even more attractive that there were many similarities with Woo Jung-hoo and Jung Bo-seok. He, who has the theory of ‘saving small things and boldly using what is necessary’, said, “It is similar to being a self-made man who has achieved a lot with only one effort and that it is strict with myself and my family.” He said, “Such similarities between me and Woo Jung-hoo, I think, is helpful to be depict a character of Woo Jung-hoo more lively and in detail. It would be interesting if I reflect my background and personal ideas to Woo Jung-hoo.”

Jung Bo-seok clearly had the message he wanted to convey through the character of Woo Jung-hoo. “I want to express the emptiness of a foolish husband and father who have been obsessed with his work for life. Because they were forced to be for the family. So I want to convey the message that life with my precious family can be happier even though it is a bit slow.” “I think many people will be tired and tired from Covid-19. We will come to the viewers with an interesting drama that can be even a little comforting. I hope you have a good time with ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’” he said.

‘Oh! Samgwang Villa!’ is a new concept family drama that depicts the process of becoming friends between people who gathered in the Samkwang Villa with various stories, but later settle there due to warmness of Soon-jung (Jeon In-hwa). It is a work of ‘Weekend Play Avengers’ by writer Yoon Gyeong-ah, who wrote ‘Please Mother’ and director Hong Seok-gu, who directed ‘My Only One’.

It will be broadcast for the first time on KBS2 at 7:55 pm on the 19th, following ‘Once Again’.


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