‘The god of trot is coming’, #1 in the same time zone…Jang Yoon-jung x Kim Dabi duet performance ‘Best 1 Minute’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the first week of the reorganization, ‘The god of trot is coming’ took the lead in the same time zone and held the victory at 9 PM on Wednesday.

According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS entertainment program ‘The god of trot is coming’ broadcasted on the 2nd was 9.4%, 10.8% (metropolitan area), and a target audience rating of 2.7% for 2049. Ranked first. In particular, on the passionate duet stage of Jang Yoon-jung and Kim Dabi, the highest audience rating per minute soared to 12% and focused attention.

On this day, in ‘The god of trot is coming’, a duet stage with Trot gods and their best friends was unfolded. First, Jung Yong-hwa boasted a  fantastic performance with Yang Dong-geun, showing the new version of ‘The Woman of Samba”. The two added admiration by depicting the natural encounter between Samba and Bossa Nova, exuding a South American atmosphere for online audiences who could not travel abroad. The original songwriter Seol Woon-do, who was watching in the waiting room, was also satisfied, saying, “It’s completely Brazilian style.”

Jin Sung showed off the stage of ‘Parting for Tea Cups’ with Kim Yong-im, who dressed in colorful costumes. Then, Seol Woon-do sang ‘Even If Tomorrow Comes’ with his student Woo Yeon. Nam Jin said, “This song is a very difficult song” and praised the two people as “It was the best stage”.

Joo Hyun-mi drew attention by selecting Kim Wan-sun’s new song ‘Here I am’ for her stage. “It was so pretty to tell the story of Wan-sun’s comforting like this. So, I asked for this song together”, revealing the reason for the song selection, and unfolding a duet stage that was warm to everyone.

Hong Jin-young presented a musical-like stage by singing ‘Only Two’ with her senior Nam Jin as a duet. The two sang a song as if exchanging lines and drew a page of a youth journey to the past.

On the other hand, Jang Yoon-jung and Kim Dabi (Kim Shin-young) took the lead in the ‘Best 1 Minute’ who raised the highest viewership rating per minute by 12% by 12%.

Kim Dabi said, “As a lover of ‘The god of trot is coming’, I think pop and trot are the same. That’s why we mashed up ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Youth Train’.” Before going on the stage, she told Jang Yoon-jung, “The most important thing is not to laugh,” but Jang Yoon-jung stood on the stage, worried that laughter would burst when singing, saying, “I’m already exhausted and have no power.”

When Kim Dabi stepped on the stage, she digested the fatal dance of ‘Billie Jean’ like a dancing machine, and drew everyone’s admiration by digesting Jang Yoon-jung and ‘Youth Train’ duet song nicely. The scene of singing ‘You and My Youth Train’ soared up to 12% on this day and garnered the highest ratings per minute.

Next, Kim Yeon-ja performed a duet stage with Han Hye-jin, saying, “I hope that many people suffering from this song will receive some strength.” “I was surprised. I thought the stage was going upside down,” Kim Dabi praised the performance.

Lastly, the announcement of a new project starting next week, ‘The god of trot is coming’ raised expectations. The first step in selecting the next generation of trot god,’The god of trot is coming 2-Last Chance’ is a new concept audition that finds the stage and name for unknown singers who are in need of a stage.


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