‘The god of trot is coming 2’ Nam Jin “I marked the 55th anniversary of debut, but I still studying trot”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

One-point trot lesson that is as dramatic as Nam Jin’s stage in ‘The god of trot is coming 2’ is unveiled.

The SBS entertainment program ‘The god of trot is coming 2-Last Chance’, which airs on the 9th, begins. ‘The god of trot is coming 2’ is a new concept audition that finds the stage and name for unknown singers in need. More than anything else, the special reason ‘The god of trot is coming 2’ is that the top 0.1% trot singers in Korea become mentors, giving special lessons for juniors.

Among them, Nam Jin, the legend of the legend, is expected to release the know-how accumulated over 55 years through a dramatic lecture. As the curiosity of how to teach juniors by trot god, each with a distinct personality, was soaring, Nam Jin revealed his feelings on ‘The god of trot is coming 2’.

Nam Jin, who debuted in 1965, is a national singer who has released numerous hit songs such as ‘With you’, ‘I hate you again’, ‘Empty’, and ‘Nest’. From his 20s, when he was loved by many female fans, to his 70s, who became an elder singer, he steadily worked as an active singer, establishing himself as a witness of the history of the music industry.

Even such Nam Jin had an unknown time. Therefore, it is said that the participants of ‘The god of trot is coming 2’ came to Nam Jin more specially. He said, “Because the audition applicants are trot juniors who have already debuted, they approached differently.” “I know my heart better than anyone else,” he expressed the feelings he felt after meeting the participants.

He then conveyed warm cheer, saying, “I will support the future by believing that my juniors will overcome difficult times through ‘The god of trot is coming 2’and that the best star will come out.”

In addition, Nam Jin said, “It is the 55th anniversary of his debut this year, but he is still a poor senior who is still studying trot. Still, I want to give my juniors a sense of mission and strength so that they can perform the best stage without regrets.” “I want to be with you in the process of growing up as a singer loved by the public,” he added.

According to the production crew of ‘The god of trot is coming 2’, Nam Jin’s mentoring style is as dramatic as watching his stage. It is expected that the passionate teachings presented with the whole body gave a thrilling thrill with only lessons. In this regard, CP Kwak Seung-young of ‘The god of trot is coming 2’said, “Nam Jin, a living trot textbook, gives dramatic lectures with his whole body. Until she becomes the current trot godfather, he generously pours out what he has experienced and learned to his juniors.”

On the other hand, SBS ‘The god of trot is coming 2-Last Chance’, where you can see Nam Jin’s passionate trot lesson and the growth of unknown singers through it, comes to viewers at 9 pm on the 9th.


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