What was the ‘Dish washing argument’ that Lee Chang-myeong made Lee Sang-in angry

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcasters Lee Chang-myeong and Lee Sang-in met six years after the ‘Dish Washing Argument’ in ‘Depart! Dream Team’ and resolved the sediment and reconciled.

Jeon Jin appeared on the channel A entertainment program ‘Eye Contact’ aired on the 2nd and helped Lee Chang-myeong and Lee Sang-in reconcile after the argument during KBS2 entertainment program ‘Depart! Dream Team’. The two were close together with the ‘Depart! Dream Team’ for a long time, but they had not met for 6 years after the argument.

‘Dish Washing Argument’ was broadcasted in 2014, ‘Depart! Dream Team’, Lee Chang-myeong and Lee Sang-in actually fought even when they were recorded on camera. At the time, even if it was a sneak shot, a strong feeling was revealed.

Looking at the video, Lee Chang-myeong first finished eating and then asked three team members who were still eating, “Who will wash the dishes?” The team members answered, “We’ll eat and we’ll do it”. Bu,t Lee Chang-myeong pointed out each team member who was eating and asked, “How many times did you wash the dishes?” While eating, Lee Sang-in said, “I didn’t,” and Lee Chang-myeong mentioned it several times and condemned Lee Sang-in, saying, “You never washed the dishes. Do it once, it’s annoying.”

Lee Sang-in, who couldn’t stand, got up after eating and went out to wash the dishes. Lee Sang-in said, “It’s not because I can’t do the dishes, but because younger members said that I couldn’t do it because I took the dishes first.”

Lee Sang-in, who returned to the dorm after washing the dishes, screamed to Lee Chang-myeong, “Stop it. Do I look easy?”

On this day, Lee Sang-in revealed that this incident was not the only thing that he expressed his anger over Lee Chang-myeong, and revealed the accumulated feelings. The two finally reconciled through conversation.


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