Ethan Hawke’s ‘Tesla’ confirmed to be released in October [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

A film, expected by many people, is about to be screened. ‘Tesla’ (director Michael Almereida), who vividly portrays Nikola Tesla, a scientist admired by scientists and a scientist who portrays the future beyond the times, was confirmed to be released in Korea in October.

On the 4th, J&C Media Group announced the news of Tesla’s release in Korea in October. ‘Tesla’ is a movie about the story of Tesla, who broke up with Edison, meets J.P. Morgan, a capitalist of the time, to continue inventing for the future.

‘Tesla’ vividly depicts the story of Nikola Tesla, the great scientist who dreamed of the world we live in now 100 years ago. ‘The Current War’ shows the history of Tesla and Edison, focusing on the confrontation between the two characters; ‘Tesla’, however, focuses on life of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla, who is evaluated for designing the future, is a genius scientist who has created inventions that are still useful in everyday life, including AC current transmission devices, radios, wireless remote control technology, and remote controls. Beyond the title of being the father of wireless communication and a pioneer in modern electrical engineering, he is counted as a person you must know to know the future.

In particular, Tesla, a leading electric vehicle company, has also become a hot topic after his name, and it is known that Nikola Tesla invented the AC motor used by electric vehicles in 1882.

The role of Tesla is attractive enough to be coveted by all actors, so attention was focused on casting from the production stage, but whoever sees it, he returned to Ethan Hawk, who shows 100% synchro ratio with the actual Tesla. Ethan Hawke is an actor who is loved in Korea through ‘My Love’ and ‘Before Series’ in addition to the 4 Academy Nomini, and his performance with life characters is also attracting great interest.

The director is set to show a sensational visual that was not shown in the biographical film under the role of Michael Almereida, who won the award at the Sundance Film Festival four times.

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