Hashimoto Tenka, fake advertisement after breast surgery + smoking cannabis…Criticism against her never ends even after apology

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Japanese popular YouTuber and broadcaster Tenka Hashimoto (pronounced Tenchim, 27) apologized after acknowledging controversy over false advertisements and inhalation of cannabis. However, the condemned public opinion has not subsided.

On the 2nd, Tenka Hashimoto released a video titled “To all of you who support me” on her YouTube channel.

Through the video, she bowed her head, saying, “It was a stupid and ugly side of me. I did not inform you and the sales representative of the fact that I had a breast augmentation surgery, which caused this situation. I am really sorry.” She said, “I know that I don’t have any credit right now, but I still think it’s a really good product. I’m really sorry for not notifying the fact,” she said, saying that he will refund the related product at his own expense until October 31st.

Tenka Hashimoto also admitted to the suspicion of smoking cannabis when traveling abroad in the past, “At the time of smoking, I didn’t recognize (it was illegal). I was misunderstood that it would be okay that I smoke cannabis in a region where it is legal.” She lowered her head, saying, “It was a careless act without awareness. I am deeply doing soul-searching.”

Previously, Tenka Hashimoto revealed that she had hidden the fact that she had undergone a breast augmentation operation, claiming that her breast size was grown from A cup to D cup with only effort, promoting and producing underwears. However, it was known that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery in a recent revelation battle with a YouTuber, and criticism struck ‘Isn’t it a scam?”’

Tenka Hashimoto apologized, but the accusations have not subsided. Tenka Hashimoto’s ex-husband Shibata, who became a hot topic after he announced that he had married Tenka Hashimoto in March last year, and soon divorced, said, “The only person who has a receipt for the purchase of underwear two years ago is a private business person who has no intention of refunding. She just sees of her fans as money.”

Netizens also showed reactions such as “She’s been fooling fans for a long time to make money”, “Apologies aren’t too sincere.”

On the other hand, Tenka Hashimoto debuted by appearing in the NHK education program ‘Genius TV-kun MAX’ in 2000, and turned to YouTube in 2016, producing videos of various contents such as ASMR, diet, and makeup, and having more than 1.3 million subscribers.


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