‘Help me! Homes’ Yang Dong-geun “After marriage, my standard of purchasing home changed… the town atmosphere is important”

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hip-hop daddy Yang Dong-geun said ‘Help me! Homes’ sorties to find a store for sale.

In MBC entertainment program ‘Help me! Homes’, broadcast on the 6th, singer and actor Yang Dong-geun appears as a guest and goes to search for a property with the broadcaster Jang Dong-min.

On the broadcast that day, a firefighter newly-wed couple  appears and searches for a home. They wanted a quiet neighborhood and a house where they could get a sleeps well, commuting to the Bundang Fire Station and Gwangju Fire Station respectively, where two people are working. And the couple wished a town with a park or a promenade nearby where physical fitness was possible. I hoped that it would be nice, and I hoped for a clean interior of two or more rooms. The budget could be up to 450 million won.

Before looking for a house, Park Na-rae praised Yang Dong-geun’s wife’s interior skills, saying that she recently visited Yang Dong-geun’s house, who appeared as a coordinator of the suit team. As a result, Yang Dong-geun says that thanks to his wife’s major in stage directing, the theme was set up for each wall, and the space was separated by color. He also focuses his attention by saying that his eyes have widened thanks to his wife.

In addition, Yang Dong-geun says that the standard of seeing a house has changed after marriage, and that ‘town atmosphere’ is more important than anything else. He revealed that the atmosphere in the neighborhood is the quality of life, and when he naturally assimilated with neighbors, he surprised everyone by saying that warmth is transmitted.

Yang Dong-geun and Jang Dong-min, who appeared in the coordination of the back team, go to Suji-gu, Yongin. It is said that it is a rural residential complex decorated with red bricks, and all studio coordinators exclaimed in the exotic village scenery. Jang Dong-min measured the noise decibels in the bedroom for a client couple who required daytime sleep due to shift work, and Yang Dong-geun said that he transferred various interiors for a good night’s sleep.

Yang Dong-geun said that the moment she saw the open kitchen on the second floor of the property and the open living room window, it was ‘the style my wife wants.’ Particularly, he fell in love with the private lawn only for the client’s couple, who immediately made a video call to his wife and surprised everyone. Yang Dong-geun’s wife, who watched the sale on a LAN line, immediately recommended a’window seat’ that puts a bench in front of the window in the living room. As a result, Park Na-rae also praised Yang Dong-geun’s wife’s sense, saying that her house also has a window sheet installed and is using it well.

Firefighters newlyweds search for a 400 million won private house on the 6th at 10:45 pm MBC ‘Help me! Homes’.


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