John Park releases recommended video for movies and dramas to overcome Corona Blue

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer John Park released a recommended video for dramas and movies on YouTube.

On the 3rd, John Park released the video of ‘Best 3 Dramas & Movies to overcome boring everyday life’ through the YouTube channel ‘John Park’s True John Show’ with global K-pop media 1theK.

In the released video, the presence is “You must have felt the feeling that life is wasted these days, where you only spend your daily life being stagnant and repeating, right? So, I will introduce movies and dramas that add specialness to my daily life, which I do not see much,” and began introducing works that will overcome Corona Blue.

As the first recommended work, Jon-bak introduced Kakao TV’s original drama ‘Amanja’. Prior to the introduction, John Park frankly confessed, “In fact, this work has suggested an advertisement to me”, and laughed. John Park, who read the original webtoon after receiving the advertisement, added that he was very comforted to be called a ‘life webtoon’.

In particular, John Park said, “I cried and then laughed and repeated. It was a work that made me realize how precious the life I live now is because I am talking about death.” Next, he introduced detailed points such as the quality of the scene where live-action and animation intersect in the play, and the point that Sun Woo Jung-ah was the music director, raising the expectation for ‘Amanja’ to be reborn as a drama.

Also, John Park recommended the movie ‘Paterson’, saying that he came to mind first when he heard this topic. John Park emphasized that he wants to recommend ‘Paterson’ to everyone, and that it is a’movie with details.’

Along with a brief introduction to the plot, “My ordinary day of doing nothing at home can become special depending on how you make up your mind. Don’t be too hard on a repetitive day and there will be something special to look for in it. I hope you feel those things while watching this movie.” He expressed support for those who are tired of daily life.

As the third recommended work, John Park selected the movie ‘About Time’. John Park introduced ‘About Time’ as “a movie that tells the secret of living a happy life.” In particular, John Park repeatedly recommended it as “a movie that throws a hint to find happiness in the ordinary,” saying, “It is recommended for those who have not seen it yet, although it has recorded a box office success in Korea.”

Lastly, John Park said, “I think there are a lot of people who do repetitive routines at home these days. I often think,’I think I should be diligent and have to spend it rewardingly.’ But I don’t think I need to feel guilty like that. There will be plenty of joy, preciousness, and gratitude in our daily lives. I wish I could feel a little healing while watching the works I introduced today.” He gave warm comfort to those suffering from Corona Blue.

Meanwhile, a new episode of the YouTube channel ‘John Park’s True John Show’ is released every other Thursday.

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