Lee Sang-min X Yun Taek, selected as MC for ‘Roofless Dining Table’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Sang-min and Yun Taek match the MC’s breath at the ‘Roofless Dining Table’.

MBC drama net’s new TV show ‘Roofless Dining Table’ will be aired on the 20th. It is a real variety program that Yun Taek and Lee Sang-min visit restaurants around the country to introduce various foods and eat outdoors.

‘Roofless Dining Table’ was planned with the motif of ‘Roofless Dining Table’ corner of Yun Taek’s YouTube channel ‘Yun Taek TV’. Yun Taek, who has been with natural people for nearly 10 years, plans to open a simple table outside the store and communicate with the citizens with the philosophy that “all food is 100 times more delicious as soon as the roof is removed”.

Yun Taek has traveled the country and has been loved for her chemistry, vivid natural food, and friendliness. Expectations are raised to see what kind of charm Yun Taek, who has been a natural person for 10 years, will show at the’roofless dining table’.

Lee Sang-min, the synonymous with the National Michelin Guide, is also an MC. It is said that the natural person Yun Taek and the urban person Lee Sang-min showed the appearance of the play and the play, from taste to eating style, and there was no end to laughter throughout the shooting.

The production crew said, “Yun Taek and Lee Sang-min reunited after 10 years through the ‘Roofless Dining Table’. The two will show off the charm of drama and drama. Seeing different eating styles is one viewing point. Please look forward to the fresh chemistry of the two.”

Yun Taek and Lee Sang-min’s new concept food program ‘Roofless Dining Table’ will be aired for the first time on MBC drama net at 8 am on the 20th.


Photo courtesy| MBC Dramanet

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