‘Morning Wide’ Friday noodle detective introduces Shinchon fresh noodles pasta… “4900 won”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

An affordable pasta restaurant will be unveiled.

In the Friday noodle detective corner of the SBS liberal arts program ‘Morning Wide Part 3’, which will be aired on the 4th, a fresh noodle pasta restaurant located in Shinchon University Street, Seoul.

On this day, taste detective Kim Jae-wook visited a pasta restaurant located in the university district. Kim Jae-wook was surprised to see pasta that was priced at an affordable price starting at 4,900 won. Even if he ordered four types of pasta, the price of less than 30,000 won caught the eye.

When the ordered menu was released, Kim Jae-wook was once again surprised to see that the right amount for one serving was provided, saying, “I thought the price was cheap and the amount was small.”

After tasting the pasta, he said, “The noodles are not regular noodles”. And, he praised as “the texture is also chewy, like a thinly-plucked rice cake. The taste of traditional pasta eaten in Italy.” It is said that the 6,900 won perilla shrimp rosé pasta contains jeju-produced perilla shrimp.

The owner of the restaurant expressed pride, saying, “Due to the affordable prices, many assume that I cook pasta by using cheap ingredients. But, I don’t like to do that. All of ingredients are from Italy. Salt is also Sicilian sea salt.”


Photo| SBS broadcast screen capture
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