‘Movieroom’ Kim Hee-ae “I called Yoo Ah-in directly to ask for appearing in ‘The Secret Meeting'”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Hee-ae revealed her relationship with Yoo Ah-in.

JTBC’s ‘Movieroom’, which airs on the 6th, is decorated with the 2nd feature of actor Kim Hee-ae, who was selected as ‘Bekdelian’ at ‘Bekdelday 2020′, a gender equality movie event hosted by the Korean Film Directors’ Association. On this day’s broadcast, we talk about ‘Thread of Lies’ that shows actress Kim Hee-ae’s broad acting spectrum.

During the recent recording of ‘Movieroom’, reporter Joo Seong-cheol said about ‘Thread of Lies’ released in 2014, “Kim Hee-ae returned to the screen 21 years after the ‘101st proposal’. In ‘Thread of Lies’, we can see Kim Hee-ae’s new moment that we couldn’t find in dramas”. “Especially when I watched the scene that Kim Hee-ae wass eating fried eggs in the early stages of the film, I really enjoyed the food so much that it could be said to be a foodie movie by actress Kim Hee-ae.”

In response, Kim Hee-ae said, “I enjoyed watching Lee Han’s previous work, ‘Wan Deuk'”. And, she explains why she chose ‘Thread of Lies’ as a return to the screen. Following this, Kim Hee-ae, who had a relationship with actor Yoo Ah-in, drew attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes with Yoo Ah-in at the time of casting the drama ‘The Secret Meeting’.

Meanwhile, MC Jang Seong-gyu talked about the JTBC dramas ‘Wife’s Qualifications’, ‘The Secret Meeting’, and ‘The world of the married’ in which Kim Hee-ae played the lead role, and said, “At the important moments of JTBC, there was always an actor Kim Hee-ae.” I am this kind of person!”

JTBC ‘Movieroom’ Kim Hee-ae special episode 2 will be aired at 10:30 am on the 6th.


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