Red Velvet Joy, her skin as if reflected by a reflector…’Everyday pictorial’

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Joy of Red Velvet boasted her beauty that even everyday life is a pictorial.

On the 4th, Joy posted a photo with an emoticon on her Instagram.

In the public photo, Joy takes a selfie with her mobile phone. It is lovely to see Joy looking at the camera while wearing a blue sweatshirt and holding his chin with one hand. Joy’s beauty is dazzling even with a pointed expression. In particular, Joy created envy by showing off her clear and white skin as if she wore a reflector.

The netizens who encountered the photo cheered, “Joy is pretty even if you don’t put on thick makeup”, “The existence itself is lovely”, “Joy is pretty today”, “It suits you well man-to-man. It’s really autumn.”

Photo| Joy SNS

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