‘The Secret Man’ Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, Lee Si-gang, a poster that has a great impact

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Secret Man’ is drawing attention to the work by releasing a group poster with 16 major performers that are difficult to gather in one place.

KBS2’s new evening daily drama ‘The Secret Man’ (played by Lee Jeong-dae, director Shin Chang-seok, and Celltrion Entertainment), scheduled for the first broadcast on the 7th, runs for revenge while facing a miracle at the threshold of death by a man who has a seven-year-old intelligence in an accident. It is a drama about the process of revenge. Through the love and desire of the two women surrounding him, and the turbulent lives of the characters, he is going to present an indicator of a different daily play.

‘The Secret Man’ side unveiled the group poster of the ‘Secret Army’ showing the best acting synergy three days before the first broadcast on the 4th.

‘The Secret Man’ group poster includes four male and female protagonists, including Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young, and Lee Si-gang, as well as a splendid acting corps such as Choi Jae-sung, Yang Mi-kyung, Lee Il-hwa, and Kim Hee-jung.

Actors wear ‘black & gray’ costumes like an uniform and are staring somewhere with their own secret expressions. Most of the 16 people cast dark shadows on their facial expressions, and the characters’ appearances were put in shattered glass fragments, suggesting a tragic fate. The writer’s will to not draw a single character simply was reflected.

‘The Secret Man’ side said, “In the group poster featuring the main performers, we tried to put the atmosphere of our drama intensely. Please look forward to the’secret man’ where all the characters have their own stories.”

‘The Secret Man’ with Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young and Lee Si-gang is scheduled to be aired at 7:50pm on the 7th.


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