Cho Hyun-young “Rainbow activity direct cam adult certification, why is it inappropriate?”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Cho Hyun-young, from the girl group Rainbow, mentioned that the activity at the time should be certified as an adult.

On the 4th, Cho Hyun-young uploaded a video titled ‘Why it requires adult authentication?’ on the YouTube channel ‘Cho Hyun-young TV’.

On this day, Cho Hyun-young tried to watch a fancam during her Rainbow activities. However, the video did not play with a message asking for adult authentication. Therefore, she was embarrassed, saying, “Why should I do it?” In the video, Cho Hyun-young was wearing hot pants and a T-shirt was put on stage.

Cho Hyun-young said, “I don’t know why it’s inappropriate” and “Is it because I’m wearing a little sexy outfit?” She said, “All other members wore that way. I can’t understand why.” Netizens responded to the video, such as “Why should I authenticate with an adult?”

Photo| Cho Hyun-young SNS
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