‘Cultwo Show’ Hong Yun-hwa “I lost 6kg, and I also shot two advertisements”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Cultwo Show’ Hong Yun-hwa revealed that she lost 6kg.

Comedian Lee Eun-hyung and Hong Yun-hwa appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s ‘2’o clock Escape Cultwo Show’, which aired on the 7th.

On this day, the DJs said hello to Hong Yun-hwa that she had lost a lot of weight, and Hong Yun-hwa said, “I lost 6kg in weight.” She continued, “I think I feel well to join ‘Cultwo Show’. I also filmed two advertisements. Ironically, I filmed a dessert advertisement and a diet product advertisement.”

Accordingly, the DJs said, “Hong Yun-hwa is a nice person. There are people who hid (the advertisement was taken) in case they had to buy meals for their friends.” Hong Yoon-hwa made people laugh by saying, “I told Hwang Je-seong that ‘I saw the game advertisement’. But, he said that it was not him.”


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