Gahee “I had hard time due to the Covid-19… I didn’t know when I will be fallen”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Gahee from After School shared her feelings about the ‘National Dance Challenge’ held on the Health YouTube Love Eco channel and expressed her feelings of hardship.

On the 6th, Gahee participated in the challenge to help people who are struggling with the Covid-19 outbreak by preaching dance fitness and helping them change their mood while exercising. Because dancing makes people feel better, it will help many people for their mental and physical health.

In particular, Gahee is a mother of two children, boasting a healthy body that is hard to believe, but many also wowed her with her dance skills.

“The reason I participated without any conditions,” Gahee later said through her SNS, “is not because of a diet that changes only the appearance, but because he refines both the body and mind to pursue true beauty.”

“Due to the coronavirus outbreak, I had a hard time while returning to Korea and even after returning. Since I am a person of faith, I prayed and relied on me not to give away my power to my mental pain, but if I don’t hold my heart well, I don’t know when it will break. As time passed, I couldn’t bear the state of my body and mind that changed a lot.”

She said, “Because I couldn’t even go to exercise, I started to dance by myself to change my mood. Then I was really happy to tears. I like it. I felt I’m still alive. Now, because of the pandemic, everything has changed but we are strong. We all can overcome it. In particular, as the number of people suffering from depression due to coronavirus is increasing, how about dancing together to exercise and improve our mood? I hope many people dance, laugh and sweat, and endorphins turn wildly.”

On the other hand, 13 of the people who participated in Gahee’s Dance Challenge on the Love Eco Channel will be given a special gift. One of them will meet with Gahee in person and have time to dance together. Full video can be found on Love Eco’s YouTube.]

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