‘Idol on the Quiz’ SF9 Chan-hee vs. In-seong, Dance Battle “I am accurate, I feel the personality type”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

SF9’s Chan-hee will show his charming face like a dram character through KBS2’s ‘Idol on the Quiz’.

KBS2’s’Idol on the Quiz’ broadcast on the 7th (director Park Hyun-jin) is a program in which multinational K-POP idols play a sparkling quiz to win the quiz. SF9 will appear with Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, 2PM Nichkhun, and Apink Bomi as the 8th guest who will be responsible for the laughter and big fun of ‘Idol on the Quiz’ and have an exciting quiz battle between seniors and juniors.

SF9 is an all-round K-Idol that boasts an unrivaled presence with a fantastic charm that has perfect beauty and physical, as well as acting, acting and singing. Since it is such an SF9, everyone’s interest has been amplified since the appearance of what kind of activities they will perform against seniors.

On this day, SF9 Chan-hee in particular shows that he is perfect in every fields, from acting to dancing, singing, and entertainment. In a drama ‘Sky Castle’, he played the role of Hwang Woo-ju, a highschool boy with great grade and friendliness. Before the full-scale quiz confrontation, he said “I am in charge of foreign languages. I am confident only in Korean.” Accordingly, there is an expectation that Chan-hee will be able to make his group win by inheriting the energy of Hwang Woo-ju, the first place in the school in ‘SKY Castle’.

SF9 Chan-hee surprised everyone with his brilliant talent from the ‘Humorous Idol’ corner. He proved to be a popular acting idol by appearing as a hint fairy that informs the seniors of the quiz. In addition, Chan-hee had a dance competition with In-seong, to find the real dancing king among SF9 members.Chan-hee said, “I value accuracy and In-seong emphasizes feeling while dancing.” It is said that SF9 was praised by everyone with a completely unsealed appearance, such as a dance battle with pride with overflowing passion.

It is possible to confirm through the 8th episode of ‘Idol on the Quiz’ whether Chan-hee, the rising star, can lead SF9 to victory and become a charming man like a drama character.

Episode 8 of ‘Idol on the Quiz’ will be broadcast today (7th) at 8:30 pm.


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