‘My Little Old Boy’ Lee Sang-hwa & Gangnam, arrange blind dates for Tak Jae-hoon x Lee Sang-min? “Please contact me”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘My Little Old Boy’ raised the highest ratings per minute to 18.8%, solidifying the No. 1 position in Sunday entertainment for 29 consecutive weeks.

According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’, which aired on the 6th, ranked first in Sunday entertainment with a target audience rating of 12.5%, 15.1%, 17%, and 2049 target audience ratings of 7.7%. On this day, in addition to the sons of My Little Old Boy members, the faces of a fresh combination such as former Go knight Lee Se-dol, as well as Kim Gye-ran, the athlete version of Yoo Jae-seok drew attention.

In particular, as a special MC, actress Park Eun-bin, who is appearing as a music student late in the Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’, gave an honest talk. Park Eun-bin, who debuted as a children’s clothes model at the age of 5, said, “I didn’t have enough time to enjoy my childhood like my friends, due to acting and study. I haven’t even deviated from it.” In addition, when asked if there was anything special in her childhood, she confessed that she was a good living girl by saying, “I hated that even one hair was scattered, so I combed my hair with a true comb and looked in the mirror.”

She also introduced an episode of humiliation by her brother who was born a year earlier than her. She said, “Unfortunately, the senior whom my brother met while he was serving in the army was a member of my fan cafe.” She added “That senior showed my video to him and asked ‘Isn’t she really pretty?’. But, my brother said, ‘I really don’t like her’. So, I couldn’t even visit him.”

On this day, Kim Jong-guk focused viewers’ attention with a special meeting with exercise creator Kim Gye-ran, former trainer Park Jun-hyung, and comedian Nam Chang-hee. In particular, Kim Jong-guk talked about the grievances of ‘Muscle Man’. He emphasized that there is a prejudice that ‘women would like Kim Jong-guk’s body’. But, he said, “I am not exercising because of a woman. All I need is a woman who will like me.” He added, “I like the sincerity and sincerity of people who exercise.”

In addition, the three muscle men said, “The muscle men are the best husband,” and “we don’t need any other cooking. All we need is chicken breast and vegetables”, “If you cannot contact muscle men, they’re not in the club. They’re in the gym”, He gave laughter by enumerating the advantages such as “I only need short sleeves and shorts”.

Kim Hee-cheol, who went to play in singer Kim Jang-hoon’s studio, met Lee Se-dol, a former Go knight of the same age. Lee Se-dol drew attention to Kim Hee-cheol with an unexpected dug-out by listing the genealogy of the girl group he had liked so far.

Following this, Kim Hee-cheol presented the challenge of ‘Omok’ to Lee Se-dol, saying that it was ‘the glory of the family.’ Lee Se-dol, who easily won his first victory, taught Kim Hee-cheol the basics of Baduk’. Kim Hee-cheol emphasized the difference in skill, but Se-dol Lee was struck by a penalty over two ginseng without knowing it. As a result, Lee Se-dol of the world screamed, ‘Get over the board!’ and gave a laugh at the wind that flipped the board.

On the other hand, the protagonists who raised the highest per minute rating to 18.8% on this day were Tak Jae-hoon and Lee Sang-hwa. Lee Sang-min and Tak Jae-hoon, who visited Gangnam ♥ Lee Sang-hwa’s house, promised to support for Gangnam’s complaints against Lee Sang-hwa. When Tak Jae-hoon mentioned the case where Gangnam was sad to Sang-hwa and said, “He was very scared,” Sang-hwa explained, “I thought it would look better if I manage him as a celebrity.” Eventually, everyone agreed to her persuasion.

Tak Jae-hoon said, “Is he really cute?” to Lee Sang-hwa, who overdos the word “cute” in every word Gangnam said. Sang-hwa said, “Aren’t every little thing cute?”, proving that he is still a sweet newly-wed.

Also, when Gangnam asked, “Are there any athletes to introduce to my brothers?” Sang-hwa said, “Please contact me!” In response, Lee Sang-min was depressed and expressed his will of rejection, but Tak Jae-hoon squeezed out his mobile phone to Lee Sang-hwa under the table, making everyone a sea of laughter. This scene topped the audience rating per minute up to 18.8% on this day.


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