‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ weekend play Avengers, 12-member group poster

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ revealed a 12-person group poster that induces healing just by looking at it, and properly snipe the tastes of ‘Jude fans’. When I see a green poster full of freshness, a pleasant smile spreads around my mouth.

KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘Oh! Samgwang Villa!’ (playwriter Yoon Kyung-ah, director Hong Seok-gu, production production H, Monster Union) depicts a story of people living in Samgwang Villa with various stories, later settle there due to warmness of Soon-jung. It is a new concept family drama depicting the process. By unveiling a group poster that conveys the harmonious atmosphere of the filming site intact, the expectations of prospective viewers waiting for a warm and pleasant story were lit.

In the 12-member group poster released today (7th), Lee Jang-woo, Jin Ki-joo, Jeon In-hwa, JungBo-seok, Hwang Shin-hye, Jin Kyung, Kim Sun-young, In Gyo-jin, Han Bo-reum, Bona (WJSN), Ryeowoon, and Kim Si-eun smiled brightly and became one within the fence of home. The figure was put. The image of sharing the warmth and joy of the same temperature while looking at the same place through the hands held together resembles the true meaning of’family’. “If we cross our blood relationship to meet each other’s eyes, open our hearts, share affection, and love, we can say that he is also a family.” The drama’s planning intention was revealed intact.

The production crew said, “I want to talk about a real ‘family’ connected by loving each other. We hope that this will be an opportunity to carve the importance of family existence and its meaning through ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’. In these difficult times, viewers can put away their worries and worries for a while while watching the drama, and laugh to their heart’s content. I will try to make it. We ask for your interest and love.”

Through the making video released together, we can feel the reason why this harmonious poster came out. In the hot weather, the performers gathered in the yard of a residential area all looked at one place and fired a pleasant laugh throughout the filming. Not only this. The actors took perfect facial expressions and gestures by their respective characters, and the production crew admired this, creating a passionate shooting scene by showing a hot reaction reminiscent of an audience with every passing expression and gesture. It was a breath of fantasy like the ‘weekend drama Avengers’.

A new paradigm of family, talking about a real family connected by heart, not by blood, ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ is a work of ‘Weekend Play Avengers’ by writer Yoon Gyeong-ah, who wrote ‘Please Mom,’ and director Hong Seok-gu, who directed ‘My Only One’. It will be aired for the first time at 7:55 pm on the 19th as a follow-up of ‘Once Again’.


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