‘Raymon Kim’s wife’ Kim Ji-woo “I will ignore the wide forehead personal attack and love myself more”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Musical actress Kim Ji-woo showed her confidence.

Kim Ji-woo posted a long post on his Instagram on the 7th, saying, “Yes, that’s right. My forehead is very wide. So when I was young, my nickname was Hwang Bi-hong. So I hated Lee Yeon-geol so much in my young heart.” “I never had my bangs because of my forehead, but I hated it the most on windy and rainy days. Even when I went to play, I carried a hair dryer and a roll comb to dry my bangs.”

Kim Ji-woo said, “But now, I love the forehead that my parents handed over. No matter how much I lower my bangs to cover, even if I do hairline correction, even if I put shading, my forehead is my wide forehead that does not change. So I love you and I am embarrassed. I decided to show it as it is without doing it, and from a few years ago I have been showing it coolly.”

“Sometimes in my feed comments, there are people who leave malicious comments, ridiculing my forehead and appearance. In fact, it is true that every time I lose confidence and get angry (those who wrote too badly, I blocked them). I just ignore them, catch my eyes, ignore them, ignore them, and love myself more. And I will try to become a stronger and more positive person outwardly.”

In the photo posted along with the text, Kim Ji-woo showed a cool forehead that was a complex. Kim Ji-woo’s beauty, who has become more beautiful with healthy self-esteem, shines.

The netizens who came across the writing were moved by Kim Ji-woo’s thoughts. Actress Lee Ha-nui cheered for “I love you so much,” and netizens said, “You are always so pretty. You are mentally strong and nice”, “How pretty your wide forehead is”, “Don’t mind the bad guys”, “I always support you”.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-woo married Chef Raymon Kim in 2014 and has one daughter.


Photo| Kim Ji-woo SNS

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