‘Shall we talk?’ Park Eun-bin “I am realizing the real me through performing arts”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Park Eun-bin, who recently returned to the drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’, is on a new concept Kakao Talk talk show.

Park Eun-bin appears as the second guest in the Tuesday corner of Kakao TV’s original entertainment ‘Kakao TV Morning’s Shall we talk?’, and presents a sincere and pleasant Kakao talk talk with host Kim Na. You can meet them through Kakao Talk’Kakao TV Channel’ and’#Kakao TV Tab’ at 7 am on the 8th.

Park Eun-bin, who is a guest of ‘Shall we Talk?’, is loved by viewers by showing colored acting in various works based on her strong acting skills she has built since her childhood as a child actress. While maintaining her cute appearance as a child actress, she is still more feminine. It is also regarded as one of the so-called ‘positive icons’ that has grown up with a good and mature charm. Recently, she played the role of a 29-year-old violinist who entered a music school after finding a dream in search of a dream, she has realistically depicted the worries about dreams and love in her twenties.

In ‘Shall we Talk?’, which will be released on the 8th, a unique talk of actress Park Eun-bin, who first met Kim Eana, as well as acting and her worries about life, unfolds. Even though it is her first meeting with Kim Eana, Park Eun-bin will approach her intimately and comfortably share her thoughts on acting as an actor in her 23 years since her debut, from small daily life such as the story of becoming a’rabbit heart’ as a child. When Park Eun-bin starts her work, she becomes immersed in the character, and some wonder who I really am, but as she appeared in entertainment programs these days, she said she was realizing who she really was. She confessed her ‘self found in entertainment’ and attracted attention. In this work, you will be able to meet her sincere story by revealing that she is thinking a lot more about her age and life while taking on the same ’29-year-old’ character as her real age.

Through a new format called KakaoTalk interview, which raises expectations with Kim Na and Park Eun-bin’s unusual first meeting, 1530 is more comfortable than words by depicting delicate tensions and subtle emotional exchanges flowing in the midst of a wordlessness. It properly snipes the emotions of the younger generation. Kakao TV released every Tuesday at 7am.

On the other hand, ‘Kakao TV Morning’, which is composed of different concepts and hosts from Monday to Friday, including ‘Shall we talk?’ is a concept of ‘wakening up the morning of Korea’, and planning a completely different content from the existing morning broadcast. It is planning to transform the busy mornings of modern people into’a joyful daily life that we can count on.

Every Monday to Friday, it is composed of a corner with different concepts, and talkers with different charms such as Kim Gura, Kim Eana, Noh Hong-cheol, BewhY, and Yoo Hee-yeol will be hosts of each day. To make it convenient to watch on mobile, it will be created with a vertical screen and content that is about 10 minutes each time, providing short and intense fun and laughter during busy morning hours such as on the way to work or school. It is a large-scale project presented by PD Kwon Sung-min and Moon Sang-don, centering on Park Jin-kyung CP.


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