‘Youth Record’ Park Bo-gum x Park So-dam x Byeon Woo-seok, four points of watching that would draw attention of viewers

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‘Youth Record’ taps the heart with the stories of young people living in this dazzling day.

tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ (screenplay Ha Myung-hee, directing Ahn Gil-ho) will be broadcast for the first time today (7th) with intense interest. ‘Youth Record’ depicts the growth records of youth who are striving to achieve their dreams and love without despair against the walls of reality. The youth of this age, where even dreaming has become a luxury, and the passionate records of those who go straight toward their dreams in their own way give excitement and sympathy. Above all else, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-seok who will realistically reveal the face of youth. In addition, the meeting of perfect veterans, such as Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra, add to the expectation. So, ahead of the first broadcast, I pointed out the points of watching ‘provoking engrossing’.

#Being itself is youth! The synergy between Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-seok excited even waiting for ‘perfect’ for both chemistry and acting

The synergy of youth actors Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-seok with great acting skills and unrivaled charm is definitely the reason for the ‘youth record’ to be awaited. What will the youth face look like the three actors will be honest with? Park Bo-gum transforms into ‘Sa Hye-jun’, a model who dreams of becoming an actor. Park Bo-gum said that he sympathized with the realistic problems that everyone had experienced at least once and tried to show the ordinary youth in their twenties moving toward their goals. Sa Hye-jun’s ‘sweetness’ challenge of walking his own path without being shaken by the evaluation of the surroundings raises expectations. Park So-dam, a makeup artist named ‘Ahn Jung-ha’, shows off a variety of charms as a fan of Sa Hye-jun, and a youth who goes straight toward a dream with a natural sense and persistent effort. Byun Woo-seok, who plays ‘Won Hae-hyo’ who make efforts to realize his dream to be an actor with Sa Hye-jun, portrays a youth who wants to be recognized for his efforts rather than the background of the family. Sa Hye-jun, Ahn Jung-ha, and Won Hae-hyo, who will continue to write their own youth record despite the constant attacks of reality. I am looking forward to seeing what stories will fill the pages of the three youths running toward their dreams and love.

#The reason we are so excited to meet director Ahn Gil-ho x Ha Myung-hee! What is the face of youth that the ‘youth record’ will show?

Director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee, who guarantee perfection, excite drama fans. Director Ahn Gil-ho, who showed the power of elaborate and delicate directing through ‘Stranger’, ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ and ‘WATCHER’, said about ‘Youth Record’. About ‘Youth Record’, he said “It deals with a variety of topics that encompass the dreams and love they think of, the family members who are guarding them, and furthermore, the generation and the gap.” It also draws attention to the fact that it is the new work of writer Ha Myung-hee, who expresses realistic gaze into warm and emotional stories such as ‘Doctors’ and ‘Temperature of Love’. As the lines that permeate the hearts of the viewers of each work gave wide sympathy, it adds to the anticipation of how the story of the youth who writes the shining day will be told. Writer Ha Myung-hee pointed out the distinction, saying, “It’s not about talking about the hardships of the reality that young people face, but about overcoming and winning.”

#Family to complete a page of dazzling youth records! Another ’empathy’ point

The stories of families watching young people grow in different ways also inspire empathy. Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra respectively plays the roles of ‘Han Ae-sook’ and ‘Kim Yi-young’, two mothers who have different backgrounds and values, even though they are different. It is also an expected point that you can meet Legend stars Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra in one work. The way of cheering, supporting, and loving toward a son who has the same dream stimulates the anticipation of how to draw the two mothers who are different. Han Jin-hee plays the role of ‘Sa Min-ki’, the grandfather of Sa Hye-jun and who has his own talent. In particular, the warm chemistry to be shown with Park Bo-gum, who shares the superior gene, makes a pleasant laugh. Here, Park Soo-young plays the role of ‘Sa Young-nam’, Sa Hye-jun’s dad who values reality. Seo Sang-won plays Won Hae-hyo’s dad ‘Won Tae-kyung’ to add weight. Individualist Sa Hye-jun’s older brother ‘Sa Gyeong-jun’ is played by Lee Jae-won, and Won Hae-hyo’s younger sister and the elite ‘Won Hae-na’, whose hobby is studying, played by Jo Yoo-jung.

#All actors who will add joyful laughter and empathy to the ‘Skillful Acting’! (ft. special appearance)

Young people who are struck by numerous relationships, sometimes sick, and sometimes comforted, grow up. The reality-oriented characters who are helping people who are struggling against a reality that doesn’t go as intended, and awakening a bitter reality add empathy. Another point of watching is the synergy of acting actors who will be responsible for reality and pleasant laughter. Shin Dong-mi, who will maximize the character’s attractiveness with a seasoned acting, takes on the role of ‘Lee Min-jae’, a beginner manager who burns passion to make Sa Hye-jun a star. Lee Seung-jun, a fashion designer who cherishes Sa Hye-jun, predicted his activity that would attract viewers, and Lee Chang-hoon plays the role of ‘Lee Tae-Soo’, the greedy president of model agency. Kwon Soo-hyun is ‘Kim Jin-woo’, who dreams of becoming a photographer, and friend of Sa Hye-jun and Won Hae-hyo. He adds the energy of youth. In addition, a well-structured lineup was completed with actors with both personality and acting skills, such as Jung Min-sung, Yang So-min, Jo Ji-seung, Lim Ki-hong, and Park Se-hyun. Above all, the activities of the special appearance corps that will brighten the pages of youth such as Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Hye-yoon, Seol In-ah, and Kim Gun-woo also provide a variety of joy.

On the other hand, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Youth Record’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on Monday the 7th.


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