‘Dogs are Incredible’ at the end of the dog bite accident

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Dogs are Incredible’ held a discussion at the end of the dog bite accident, and Monday night warmed up with the heat of discussion.

The 1st revision meeting was held at KBS2’s ‘Dogs are Incredible’, which aired on the 7th. It is an ambitious preparation to examine the current Korean companion society culture, where the bite forest accident is emerging as a serious social problem.

Chairman Seong Si-kyung, Oh My Girl Seung-hee, Tyler Rash, Daniel Lindeman, Oogi Hitoshi, Park Joo-yeon, the animal protection lawyer and Kim Na-yeon, the animal protection activist attended the revised meeting. The discussion began with two agendas: Does the guardian have to be punished when his/her dog injured other people?; Can we raise 5 kinds of dangerous dogs, designated by the government, in apartment or villa?

Tyler, Daniel, Lee Gyeong-gyu, who argued for the need for a fundamental solution to the first agenda, and Ooki, Kim Na-yeon, Park Joo-yeon, Seung-hee, and Seong Si-kyung, who agreed that strong legal regulations can give alertness, met. A fierce debate followed by representatives of each country who repeatedly opposed objections and presented reasonable grounds.

They shared useful information by dealing with the current law, which many people do not know exactly, the new law to establish a blind dog that will take effect next year, and laws related to animals in each country. It was amazed that there was a punishment rule that states that if a dog bites a person, the guardian can be sentenced to up to three years in prison, and if a dog bites, he or she is liable for civil damages.

In addition, the unique appearance of Koreans who anthropomorphize dogs, Hundeschule, a dog school in Germany where dogs and guardians are educated together, and the ‘Dangerous Dog Law’ in the United States that designate dangerous dogs through behavioral tests other than dog breeds. Various informative stories about each country’s companion culture were poured out.

Immediately after the broadcast, viewers left comments on the official SNS of ‘Dogs are Incredible’ said, “I hope you had a lot of meetings. It was a fruitful discussion”, “It’s great to learn more about dog raising practice and laws of foreign countries, as well as learning about dogs to the experts,” and “It was a suitable project at the same time these days.”

In the hands-on learning training, the second part of the multi-family Lupi was drawn, which struck the home with shock last week. Lupi, who left pee marks all over the house and fought with dogs whenever they had a break, finally began training in a clean environment.

Before marking, the guardians learned the specific behavior of their dogs, the marking signals, and allowed them to defecate outdoors by taking a walk. In addition, Kang Hyung-wook established rules between guardians and dogs, and guided them into regular lifestyle by creating a guardian’s life plan.

‘Dogs are Incredible’ is a better companion through the revised consultation meeting, whereby fierce conversations and serious considerations are made about the dog bite accident, which is becoming a serious social problem, and practical training that makes practical efforts to infiltrate the daily life of guardians and dogs. I am working hard for life.

‘Dogs are Incredible’, which intends to make a harmonious world between guardians and dogs, and those who don’t raise dogs, are broadcast every Monday at 10:40 pm.


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