Hip-hop duo Geeks, comeback with new single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ on the 13th

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hip-hop duo Geeks, which has a number of hit songs such as ‘Officially Missing You’, ‘How’, ‘Wash Away’, and ‘Sometimes’, is making a comeback with a new single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ after a year.

Geeks is releasing a new single ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ through major music sites on Sunday, September 13th at 6pm.

‘Heartbreak Hotel’ is a song about the content of unraveling the direction of the gender relationship with the subjective gaze of the two members. Although she is predicting the situation beyond the cell phone of her cheating partner, the contrasting lyrics of the two speakers who cannot easily organize the relationship arouse interest. The sound was completed with producer Gang-uk, who had consistently met Geeks.

Meanwhile, Giggs ranked at the top of the music charts for each song it released and was loved by music fans as a music player. Both Louie and Lil Boi have shown their presence through active activities separately and together. Recently, Lil Boi has thrown a ticket to a hip-hop entertainment program through his SNS, and is regarded as a strong candidate for the championship.


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