Lovelyz Mijoo, during an interview with the public, “How far have you gone with your girlfriend?” Sexual harassment controversy

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Lovelyz Mijoo is caused a controversy with her sexual harassment remarks to male college students on YouTube entertainment.

Mijoo, who appeared on the YouTube channel THE K-POP’s web entertainment program ‘Mijoo Picchu’ last June, met with citizens in Seoul Forest to get thoughts about repelling ultrasonic mosquitoes. Among them, in an interview with a male college student of the same age, Mijoo conducted a comfortable interview, giving advice on his job worries.

The problem arose afterwards. After having a serious conversation, Mijoo saw his cell phone while taking a selfie and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Afterwards, Mijoo asked him, “Have gone so far with your girlfriend?” and immediately replied, “You must have had sexual relationship with her.”

Mijoo asked the student, “How long have you been dating?” When he answered, “It’s been about 200 days.” Then, Mijoo said, “I bet that you’ve had sexual relationship with your girlfriend.” Even when he said, “I didn’t have sexual relationship (with my girlfriend).” But, Mijoo said, “Are you kidding? You’re not a man.” and looked towards his leg.

In such a scene, the subtitle “Pretty face, but not good gaze” appeared, and the production team pointed out that “The eyes of Mijoo…” As Mijoo, who was embarrassed by the point of the production crew, stood up from her seat with a smile, the subtitle was hung on the screen, saying, “Why is your gaze going down?”, and she said “No, it’s a misunderstanding.”

Many netizens who saw such a video expressed the opinion that Mijoo sexually harassed the man on the video. Netizens responded with “She has crossed the line”, “What if a man gave the same joke to a woman?” “Mijoo, your behavior was wrong,” “It doesn’t seem like a script,” “I lacked sensitivity to gender recognition.”

Some netizens defended Mijoo, saying, “Doesn’t entertainment should be viewed as a variety of entertainment?” “The remarks of Mijoo were not serious, but it doesn’t seem that they were intended to be sexually harassed.”

On this controversy, Lovelyz said that it is “confirming”.

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