Military Musical ‘Return’, paid online screening… EXO D.O. Xiumin appearance

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Last year, the army’s original musical ‘Return’, which was greatly loved by performing on the theme of the discovery of the remains of the deceased in the Korean War, meets the audience with a live performance.

This performance, planned for the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, previously announced the news of the reenactment in June, but was not able to perform due to Covid-19, leaving a lot of regret. The live performance, which was held on June 10, recorded an unprecedented number of 2.8 million viewers because the in-person performance was not successful. Since then, the musical ‘Return’, which has worked hard to resume the stage again, planned a live live performance that made use of the sense of reality as it was, and presented the first and last stage of only four times.

The performance industry, which has come to a recession in the pandemic situation of Covid-19, has been trying to develop ‘live broadcast’, which has been conducted as a way of publicity so far, as another performance platform.

Live performances already commercialized in concerts were not borrowed for sale of performances except for one-time promotional broadcasts in musicals and plays. However, in the prolonged Covid-19 situation, by introducing non-face-to-face content provision and sales to musicals in earnest, another performance path was sought.

The Army headquarters and Insight Entertainment Co., Ltd. celebrated the meaningful year of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. Guardian soldiers who were left alone in mountains where they still don’t know their name. In order to tell the story of finding their remains and taking them into the arms of the motherland, this performance was planned and produced, and a non-face-to-face performance, that is, a paid live performance, was decided.

In addition to the English subtitle service for overseas audiences, a total of 10 relay cameras and the best domestic transmission and sound equipment are used in total to prepare to meet the stage that was not normally possible close to anyone. Above all, in order to reproduce the realism and enthusiasm that the audience directly feels at the concert hall, live broadcasting is conducted under the same conditions as the actual performance. It is significant in that it is the first live performance broadcast in the online broadcast that has been recently tried.

Since it is not a recording, it is an actual live performance, 20 minutes of intermission time will be given between Acts 1 and 2. During this time, private video screenings and live broadcasts will provide special memories to the audience.

In addition, in this performance, Hyun Seok-jun, who was cast in the role of Hae-il with about 30 soldiers serving in the military, and Lee Ji-sook, who has returned as the premiere Hae-seong. In addition, Lee Jae-jin and Baek Dong-hyun are newly added to Jingu to present the perfect stage.

Lee Jeong-yeol and Lee Kun-myeong were cast in the roles of Seung-ho of 2020, who are climbing the mountain every day in search of past comrades, and Yoon Ji-sung and Do Kyung-soo(D.O.) in the roles of Seung-ho’s past, who constantly struggled in the middle of the war. Hyeon Seok-jun and Lee Chan-dong appear in Hae-il, who was a subject of reverence for his literary knowledge than his peers, and Lee Ji-sook, Lee Ji-hye, and Kim Se-jung join the role of Hae-seong, the twin sister of the Hae-il, who are enlisted under the name of others. Lee  Jae-jin and Baek Dong-hyun joined the role of Jin-gu, who always makes friends laugh with a pure heart.

Lee Hong-ki and Kim Min-seok (Xiumin) were cast in the roles of Hyun-min, the grandson of Seung-ho, who is always one step slow, but in the role of Hyun-min’s pleasant friend, Lee Seong-yeol.

In addition, more than 20 military service actors selected through auditions will participate in the ensemble.

September 24-26, only 3 days. This live performance, which is the last chance to meet the musical ‘Return’, will be sold and transmitted through Interpark and Ticket Link, respectively. Prior to this, online tickets will be sold through each reservation at 2 o’clock on September 11th. to be.

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