The story behind the ‘Miss Back’ girl group… Settlement from the worst bad comments, panic disorder

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The first teaser of MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Miss Back’ was released.

MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Miss Back’, scheduled for the first broadcast in October, is a story in which female idol singers, who have been forgotten in people’s memories, dream of a leap once again. It is a new concept documentary (Human Documentary + Show Variety) program that shares the turning point that will become the heyday.

The teaser videos released include Gayoung (Stella), Nada (Wassup), Raina (After School), Sera (Nine Muses), Soyeon (Tiara), Soyul (Crayon Pop), Subin (Dal Shabet), and Yoo-jin(THE ARK). Along with the appearance of, it is a frank confession that has never been said before. (URL=

First, Raina from After School and Gayoung from Stella confided about the bad comments they had received. Raina said she received a malicious comment like this: You are on YouTube because you have nothing to do with it because you are forgotten. She said that after the disband of After School, she felt she is useless in the society. Gayoung added regret when she revealed that she had to wear a ballet-like costume on the day of the music video filming at Stella’s activities, and that she had to suffer from unspeakable evil comments.

Nada, former member of Wassup, tells an anecdote that she never received payment during her four-year activities, while Subin, from Dalshabet, recalled the time when she had to sleep with a cup of coffee at a 24-hour hamburger restaurant because she had no money for paying for rental fee. In addition, Sera from Nine Muses confessed that she is still taking drugs for panic disorder and depression, making viewers guess that she is still a difficult situation when she is resting. As such, ‘Miss Back’ re-examined the difficulties that had to disappear from the stage for various reasons amid the flood of girl groups, and added authenticity to their new challenges.

On the other hand, passion continued. Soyul, from Crayon Pop, confesses her desire to be on the stage by saying, “I missed the stage so much even after I gave birth to a baby,” while Subin said, “I want to make a song that can win first.” Gayoung said, “I want to do my best for the last time,” and strong support poured out from their hearts.

They debuted as an idol after such a long practice life, but amidst the unfortunate story that had to be distanced from the stage and the stories of those who are going to reach the ‘second heyday’ through ‘Miss Back’, the life song from ‘Miss Back’ More attention is focused on who will become the girl group members who will get and reach the turning point.

MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Miss Back’ is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in October.
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