‘Yacht Expedition’ Jin Gu, Choi Si-won, Jang Ki-ha, and Song Ho-jun met a rough storm

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‘Yacht Expedition’ Jin Gu, Choi Si-won, Jang Ki-ha, and Song Ho-jun predicted difficulties as they encountered a rough storm.

MBC Every1’s ‘Yacht Expedition’ broadcasted on the 7th revealed the story of the adventures of the 4th day of the adventures of Jin Gu, Choi Si-won, Jang Ki-ha and Song Ho-jun, who are challenged to sail in the Pacific Ocean. It depicts the crews who spend a peaceful life by fishing and cooking. Along with this, on the 5th day of the voyage at the end of the broadcast, the appearance of facing a strong storm unfolded, predicting an immediate survival period.

The broadcast on this day began with the appearance of Song Ho-jun, who was fishing by storm from dawn. What caught on the fishing line was common dolphinfish he wanted to catch so much. Jang Ki-ha made a mistake to help Ho-jun Song, but the landing house turned over and missed common dolphinfish. Jang Ki-ha, who had no fishing experience, fell into self-confidence, saying, “You screwed up because of me.”

However, the fishing rod shook violently again, and the boat became busy. Excited Song Ho-jun grabbed the fishing rod, and this time he succeeded in catching common dolphinfish with the help of veteran Captain Kim Seung-jin. From this morning, the ‘Yacht Expedition’ had an annual party. Everyone was admired by the freshness of the meeting at sea. Jin Gu, who said he doesn’t like sashimi, was satisfied, saying, “This is delicious.”

The sea, where nothing was seen except yachts, was a peace itself. Choi Si-won suggested, “Let’s do the cleaning,” and the crew started cleaning while busily walking around the cabin and above. The crew also reported on their daily routine. Jin Gu announced that it was starting to rain gently and said, “I am nervous because a big gust is coming from tomorrow. Fortunately, after three days, the motion sickness disappeared.”

Then, Captain Kim Seung-jin called all the members. The bottom of the boat was full of sea water. The crew was embarrassed, but immediately under the command of Captain Kim Seung-jin, they moved in unison and carried a bucket. I worked hard without anyone except one, and the appearance of teamwork building up steadily made me feel happy. After labor, Jin Gu and Song Ho-jun presented refreshment by taking a shower on a yacht with an ocean view in the background.

Subsequently, Jin Gu and Song Ho-jun started cooking fiery fish stew for the crew. The meal was prepared with a side dish carefully prepared by Jin Gu’s wife. The crew inhaled the storm at common dolphinfish fiery stew, which was eaten above the sea. Choi Si-won, who joined him late due to his condition due to motion sickness, admired, “It’s really delicious,” and showed a warm appearance, calling himself on duty to wash the dishes on behalf of the troubled brothers.

The appearance of the members of the ‘Yacht Expedition’ who became increasingly accustomed to sailing through fishing, cleaning, and cooking provided healing, but this was the peace before the storm. On the 5th day of the voyage at the end of the broadcast, the appearance of the ‘Yacht Expedition’ that met the fierce waves unfolded, creating a sense of tension.

The swaying cabin was filled with squeaking noise, and the fluctuating cabin resulted in a situation where the crew could not sleep properly. In the end, Choi Si-won, who woke up, came out of the cabin, and Captain Kim Seung-jin conveyed the unusual situation, saying, “The atmosphere of the sea has changed after waking up?” Finally, the crews facing the rough sea focused their attention on whether they could overcome this difficulty well.

From the first broadcast, it was predicted that it became the real story of the ‘Yacht Expedition’, which foretold the survival of the sea as it was. The four men facing the unimaginable rough sea, what kind of sea will they experience? Curiosity rises in the next story where tension explodes.

On the other hand, MBC Every1’s ‘Yacht Expedition’ is a documentary-style entertainment program about the process of adventurous Jin Gu, Choi Si-won, Jang Ki-ha, and Song Ho-jun with Captain Kim Seung-jin and team doctor Lim Soo-bin. ‘Yacht Expedition’ airs every Monday at 8:30 pm.


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