‘Alley Restaurant’ Paik Jong-won at the pork cutlet house in Jeju Island

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Alley Restaurant’ Paik Jong-won sends an emergency request to a pork cutlet restaurant in Jeju Island.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Paik Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant (hereinafter referred to as ‘Alley Restaurant’), broadcast on the 9th, the 26th alley ‘Alley in front of Junggok-dong Market’ will be unveiled for the first time.

‘Alley in front of Junggok-dong Market’ is an alley located in front of ‘Junggok Jeil Market’, the largest market in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, and there are many floating populations going to and from the market, but there are few restaurant users. .

The first store is a ‘cheese roll gas restaurant’ with a rather unique signboard. As soon as he saw the signboard, Paik Jong-won found out why he couldn’t do business before visiting, saying, “I know why there are no customers.” Paik Jong-won, who visited the store, started tasting cheese roll gas, and as soon as he tasted the food, he smiled with a meaningful smile saying, “My hand goes with a side dish”, arousing the curiosity of 2MC.

On the other hand, Paik Jong-won called the owner of the pork cutlet restaurant in Jeju Island immediately after visiting the cheese roll gas restaurant and asked for SOS, saying, “Do you have any intention of receiving a student?” Accordingly, the owner of the pork cutlet house in Jeju Island said, “Many workers usually endure for a week and give up to work with us.”

The second store is a ‘dumpling restaurant which doesn’t sell dumplings’ operated by the mother and the son’s boss. 3MC was puzzled by the fact that there were no dumplings in the dumpling restaurant, but it turns out that the mother and son who owns the restaurant have been doing business by following the tastes of regulars customers, saying that “Regular customers are the most important”. After watching this, Paik Jong-won poured out a storm with his own experiences, saying, “This is not a business for regular customers, but for your acquaintances.” After tasting, Paik Jong-won couldn’t hide his embarrassment, saying, “What should I eat without dumplings?”

The last shop I visited was ½ Fish Cake House, which is unfamiliar from the name. With the appearance of a half-sized fish cake house, 3MC went on to bet in a heated reasoning to find out the identity of ‘1/2’.

On this day, the owner of the ½ fish cake house introduced his own ‘business secret tip’ that he had been in business for 15 years. 15 years ago, 3MC couldn’t stop laughing at the identity of the boss’s filial piety item, which said that at first sight seeing this machine and set up a fish cake house.

The identity of the’Alley Restaurants in front of Junggok-dong Market’, which stimulates infinite curiosity, can be found in ‘Paik Jong-Won’s Alley Restaurant,’ broadcasted at 10:35 pm on the 9th.


Photo courtesy│SBS’Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’

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