Casting Jung Woong-in ‘Fly Gaecheon-yong’ in harmony with Kwon Sang-woo x Bae Sung-woo

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Fly Gaecheon-yong’ has completed a powerful lineup that guarantees completeness.

SBS’s new Friday and Saturday drama ‘Fly Gaecheon-yong’ (played by Park Sang-gyu, directing Kwak Jeong-hwan) scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2020, followed by Kwon Sang-woo and Bae Sung-woo, who announced the launch of the strongest combination, sparked anticipation with Kim Joo-hyun and Jung Woong-in. Actors Kim Gap-soo, Kim Eung-soo, and Jo Sung-ha who don’t need an explanation here add strength by appearing as key characters leading the play.

‘Fly Gaecheon-yong’ is a story between two men who represent the voices of victims of the lawlessly accused of justice to the world. A high school graduate with nothing attorney and a clunky, but ‘faced’ one, the reporter who accepted the four main gates with one single word. The reverse electrode is drawn pleasantly and thrillingly. Director Kwak Jeong-hwan and writer Park Sang-gyu, who showed in-depth directing through the series ‘Miss Hammurabi’ and ‘Aide’, joined forces.

Kwon Sang-woo and Bae Sung-woo, who will happily overturn the irrational world, make the drama fans excited. Kwon Sang-woo was in charge of Park Tae-yong, a public defender who graduated from high school. His house is poor, and he doesn’t have bachelor’s degree, but he is a person who is full of empathy with people with a sense of justice and a sense of justice like the Pacific Ocean. Declaring all sorts of miscellaneous criminals that no one listens to, he is the first in the history of justice to win a general criminal case retrial.

Bae Sung-woo transforms into Park Sam-soo, a reporter who is friendly, although it is crude. After graduating from college, he worked as a contract worker and became a reporter with one ‘glitch’, and he was caught by Park Tae-yong and entered a difficult road he had never been to. The synergy of Kwon Sang-woo and Bae Sung-woo, united in a ‘old-class combination’ that rewrites the history of Korean judiciary, is expected to create a pleasant and hot ‘Buddy Water’.

Kim Joo-hyun, who has the ability to naturally express characters, took on the role of Lee Yoo-kyung, an avid new reporter who does not choose anything for the truth. Lee Yoo-kyung is a smart reporter, who recognizes more than one thing, after being taught one thing.  And, she’s a newly employed reporter who works with Park Sam-soo. Kim Joo-hyun works with Kwon Sang-woo and Bae Sung-woo. Jung Woong-in plays Jang Yoon-seok, a super elite prosecutor who succeeded in raising his status with one clever head. There is also a human side, but like the craftsman Kang Cheol-woo (played by Kim Eung-su), he is a ‘incarnation of desire’ with a strong desire to succeed. Jung Woong-in, who is called ‘the synonymous with villain in drama’ and shows off his unique presence in each piece. In this work, fans are looking forward to his performance as to what color of the face he will show.

It is also interesting to see a special cast who will appear as a key character in the play and adjust the tension. Kim Gap-soo is a veiled Korean legal designer and former prosecutor general, Kim Hyeong-chun. Kim Eung-soo, who is enjoying his second heyday, plays Kang Cheol-woo, an ambition icon who has risen from a slum to the market place. Jang Yoon-seok’s craftsman, Kang Cheol-woo, is simple and ruthless, but he moves thoroughly and carefully for success. He leads the play with a skillful acting decomposed into a Supreme Judge Cho, who is respected by the judges who create him.

It is expected that the rebellion of underdogs to overturn the plate of a solid judicial system, listening to the stories of the socially underprivileged, who have been accused of being unfairly accused of complaining, and to overturn the plate of a solid judicial system. Here, it is expected that the bout against the super-elite group that holds the vested rights will provide thrilling catharsis in a pleasant laughter. This is the reason why actors who have a reputation for acting are expected more than ever.

Meanwhile,’Fly Gae Chun-yong’ will be broadcast for the first time in the second half of 2020 following’Alice’.

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