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[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The live-action Disney movie ‘Mulan’ is on the cutting board every day. The film has become controversial due to a provocative remark of its leading actor, Liu Yifei. And, now, it faces fierce criticism for filming in Xinjiang province, a region where reportedly violated human rights of the Uighurs.

According to the BBC on the 7th (local time), the ending credit for ‘Mulan’ included a statement expressing gratitude to the Turfan Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang province in China.

Xinjiang province is a place where there are suspicions that the Chinese government is forcibly detaining Uighur and suppressing human rights. More than 1 million Uighurs are reported to have been detained. In response to these suspicions, the Chinese government has denied it as ‘fake news’.

When the fact that ‘Mulan’ was filmed in Xinjiang is known, criticism is emerging.

The World Uighur Congress (WUC) also posted a post on social media saying, “Disney said that he thanked the Turfan Public Security Bureau in the new ‘Mulan’ movie, but this is where it has been involved in the concentration camps in East Turkestan.”

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong criticized “The City Hall of Mulan is a potential conspiracy to the mass confinement of Muslim Uighurs.”

‘Mulan’, which depicts the story of a female hero in the North and South Korean era, is a blockbuster that is a live-action animation of the same name (1998). It tells the story of Mulan hiding herself as a woman for her family and becoming a great warrior defending her country from brutal enemies.

In addition, the protagonist of ‘Mulan’, Liu Yifei, posted a post on SNS in support of the police suppressing the protests in Hong Kong last year, saying, “I think Hong Kong should feel ashamed of staging protests,” she was caught in a boycott controversy.

In Korea, the theater will be released on the 17th without a separate preview.

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