Park Jeong-ah exclusive contract, accompaniment with Inyeon Entertainment [Official]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Jung-ah starts a new relationship with Inyeon Entertainment.

Park Jung-ah, who signed an exclusive contract with Inyeon Entertainment, made her debut in the music industry as a girl group Jewelry, and has since been popular not only as a singer but also in a variety of fields.

She appeared in dramas ‘Oh My Ghost’, ‘Gorgeous Temptation’, and ‘My Man’s Secret’, and debuted on the musical stage in 2016 and appeared in ‘All Suck-up’ and ‘Eyes of Dawn’. As an actress, she showed various acting in various works.

Inyeon Entertainment said, “I am happy to be with Park Jung-a, an all-round entertainer who is active in various fields such as music, acting, and entertainment.”

Park Jung-ah plans to continue his active activities starting with an exclusive contract with Inyeon Entertainment to which Kim Ji-ho, Kim Hye-eun, Jung Jae-seong, Kim Hee-jung, and Kim Kwon belong.

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