‘Radio Star’ Lee Tae-ran “My husband is more handsome than Kevin Bacon”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Tae-ran appears in ‘Radio Star’ and exudes a lovely ‘Reaction Queen’ charm. The love story for her husband, “much more handsome than Kevin Bacon,” and the story of her transformation into a YouTuber for the couple’s relationship will be revealed, raising expectations.

MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, a high-class talk show scheduled to air on the 9th, will be decorated with a special feature of ‘Ha Hee Light’ with Ha Hee-ra and his gum shell Choi Soo-jong, Lee Tae-ran, and Cheong-dung.

Lee Tae-ran is the owner of a humorous charm that is recommended to appear in variety shows by her best friend Ha Hee-ra. She was a bit embarrassed by the surprise questions and progress of ‘Radio Star’ MCs, and he soon predicts that he will give off a lovely charm with a reaction-rich side as well as an audience as well as an offbeat honest talk.

Lee Tae-ran, who recently announced that he had spent time on his mind after the drama ‘Sky Castle’, which received a lot of love last year, said, “I dyed it and received a massage” as the special appearance of this ‘Ha Hee Light’ was made. It stimulates curiosity by revealing the facts that have been digested.

She said she wanted to becomes’Korea’s Charlize Theron’ and said, “Her action is so cool. I want to become Korea’s Charlize Taeran.”

Lee Tae-ran reveals a love story with her husband who took 3 months to get married and 6 years to get to know. In the past, Lee Tae-ran revealed that he resembled Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor with her husband in a broadcast. Lee Tae-ran confesses to the story he was asked to correct, saying, “Many say I’m look like Kevin Bacon, rather than Ewan McGregor.”

Following this, Lee Tae-ran showed off her affection by saying, “(My husband) is much more handsome than Kevin Bacon,” and the reason why he transformed into a YouTuber for the couple’s relationship, “I can go ‘Radio Star’ and blow it all up~” I am going to confess my story of becoming an angel, so I am curious.

You can check the episode of Lee Tae-ran, the owner of lovely charm, and her husband, who has a romantic atmostphere, through ‘Radio Star’, which airs at 10:50 pm on the 9th.

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ is loved as a unique talk show that brings out the real story by disarming the guests with the talk of a village murderer who does not know where the 4MCs will bounce.


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