‘The got of trot is coming 2’ Kim Yeon-ja “A former audition pro winner, selection of songs is really important”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Yeon-ja of ‘The got of trot is coming 2’ gave tips to the contest program to junior singers.

At 4 pm on the 9th, the production presentation of the SBS entertainment program ‘The got of trot is coming 2-Last Chance’ (hereinafter ‘The got of trot is coming 2’) was broadcast live through YouTube. The production presentation was attended by MC Jeong Yong-hwa, Nam Jin, Seol Woon-do, Kim Yeon-ja, Joo Hyun-mi, and Jin Seong.

Kim Yeon-ja said, “Because I debuted through the contest program, I felt like seeing the participants and seeing me. Even if I did well, I was nervous in front of the judges. I have finished recording several times now, and I am trembling while watching the stage.”

When asked about the know-how that was able to win the contest program, “Even though I was young at the time, I sang a lot of songs to Lee Mi-ja. But at that time, the judges considered singing ability important. So, when I sang the song of Patti Kim, who felt like she was singing passionately, the score came out well. I want to tell you that selection is so important.”

On the other hand, ‘The got of trot is coming 2’ is an extra-large project that finds the stage and names of unknown singers who have lost their stage and name due to Corona 19. Six trot gods, including Nam Jin, Kim Yeon-ja, Seol Woon-do, Joo Hyun-mi, Jin Seong, and Jang Yoon-jung, will be mentoring and will make new trot-related gems with one-point lessons. First broadcast at 9 PM on this day.


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